Make Some Noise at OMSI’s New Guitar Exhibit

Get your little rockers ready to explore OMSI’s new exhibit that features the world’s largest guitar, plenty of hands-on musical action and more.

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Explore: Studio Grow in Concord

Studio Grow co-creator Tim Alley describes Studio Grow in Concord as the laid back, suburban, fresh, and roomy alternative to the Berkeley location’s urban, busy, and active vibe. Studio Grow in Concord is also far less crowded – a plus…

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Explore: Studio Grow and Gilman Street

Skip the Matinee and Head Towards Gilman Street 
When you and the kids get the itch to explore, a little Bay Area rain shouldn’t stand in the way. Studio Grow in Berkeley provides an inviting indoor space with several open…

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Country Village Bothell

A Little Bit Country
Crowded malls got you down? Take a step back in time to the charm and comfort that is Bothell’s Country Village.  Shop for the littles at Bella and Max (haircuts too!) and Toys That Teach. Check…

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