Friday Night To-Do: Movie Night at Home!

Who doesn’t love a good movie night in? Snuggle up on the couch in your comfy sweats or pajamas and enjoy some sweat treats to snack on. My kids and I were recently given the opportunity to watch a private…

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Now You Can Get Cactus Christmas Trees on Amazon

Cactus Christmas trees are the new holiday cheer!

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Here Are the Best Christmas Tree Farms in Austin

Get yourself the biggest tree you can find this year!

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Now You Can Get a Rainbow Christmas Tree for the Holiday Season

Somewhere over the rainbow—there’s a tree!

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This Magical Harry Potter Knitting Book Comes With 25 Patterns Inspired by the Series

This book includes patterns for clothing, home projects and keepsakes pulled straight from the movies.

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The Tree That Got Away

“It was perfect, and we would soon discover it would become the standard-bearer for every Christmas tree to come. The only hitch? It was five months before Christmas and two states away.”

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Why Christmas Trees Are More Than Just Decor for My Family

A father’s gift to his daughter—passing on a sense of tradition and making memories each and every Christmas.

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6 Must-Follow Christmas Tree Safety Tips

These Christmas tree tips will help ensure your holiday is not only a beautiful one but a safe one as well.

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The Touching Story Behind One Family’s #AdoptionDay Photos

A beautiful story on how one family came to be despite all the odds.

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Get a First Look At Emma Stone In Disney’s New “Cruella”

There’s a new live-action reboot on Disney’s roster!

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You’ve Heard of Samoas—But Have You Tried (Jason) Momoas?

Cookies and six pack abs really do go together.

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trader joe's

Why Do We Love Trader Joe’s So Much? It’s All a Clever Mind Game

The beloved grocery store has some big tricks up their sleeves.

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The Reality of the KonMari Method for Motherhood

What mother has not obsessed about the KonMari Kraze happening nowadays?

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Watch This Single Mom Make “Shark Tank” Investors Cry with Her Powerful Pitch

Even these tough sharks couldn’t hold back over this mom’s emotional story.

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This One-Touch Birth Control Patch Could Be a Game-Changer for Women

A promising new type of birth control could mean you’ll never worry about forgetting your birth control again.

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Reduce, Reuse, Treecycle! Local Holiday Recycling 411

Wondering what to do with your Frasier Fir after the holidays are over? Here are the dates, times, and tips on giving your Christmas tree the send off it deserves.

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These Genius Christmas Trees Are Baby-Friendly & Cat-Proof, Too

How lovely are thy branches…until your cat or toddler comes into the room.

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I’ll Always Want a Real Christmas Tree—Here’s Why


It all started when I was 10-years old. My parents gathered my brother, sister and I into the family van and we drove to the only farm in our Southern California town: a Christmas tree farm.
It was love…

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Stunning Baby Photo Goes Viral: “4 Years, 7 Attempts, 3 Miscarriages & 1,616 Shots”

This photo represents an incredible journey to finally welcoming a baby.

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Lessons in Parenting, Courtesy of My Dog

“Note to self: Do like the dog and just shut-up and listen.”

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This Build-A-Bear Employee’s Act of Kindness Makes Up For Everything Else

One person and one stuffed animal can make a huge difference.

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Jason Sudeikis Talks Son’s First Disneyland Trip on Jimmy Kimmel & It’s a Trip

That first trip to Disneyland with your kids is a vicarious experience, no matter who you are.

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Gal Gadot Visits Children’s Hospital Dressed as Wonder Woman & It’s Awesome

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot made a special surprise visit to this children’s hospital.

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Pink Spills the Beans on Her Daughter’s “Annoying” Habit

There’s always that one habit that can drive you a little crazy.

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Whole Foods

This Whole Foods Mother’s Day Flash Sale Means Big Savings for Amazon Prime Members

If you’re planning on getting mom flowers this year, then head over to Whole Foods!

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Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods to End Rewards Program—But Amazon Prime Members Could Benefit

Whole Foods says farewell to its popular rewards program.

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New IVF Treatment Promises No More Needles & It’s Pretty Incredible

With the hundreds of needles involved, this new IVF treatment could be huge.

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Oh You Know, Just Some Elephants Recycling Christmas Trees

Instead of tossing your Christmas tree out on the curb, consider donating it to an animal sanctuary.

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Kylie Jenner Wasn’t on the Kardashian Christmas Card & Everyone’s Freaking Out

There was plenty of speculation that the final Christmas card photo would be Kylie’s belly-baring reveal. But alas, no such luck.

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Oh Baby? Amazon Accidentally Sends Baby Registry Gift Alerts

Amazon had their own little oops moment this week that caught many of its customers off guard.

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How My Parenting Wins—And Fails—Taught Me to Roll with the Punches

Every parent knows the joys of a parenting win and also the abysmal distress of a parenting fail. I had one of each back to back this weekend that just begs for sharing.

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On Saturday,…

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These Beautiful Temporary Tattoos Smell Great Too

Temporary tattoos aren’t just for kids anymore.

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5 Awesome Spots For Perfectly Pierced Ears

Here’s the answer for your piercing question about how, where, prices and care for getting your little one’s ears pierced in LA.

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This Ingenious Hack Will Get the Knots Out of Your Necklaces FAST

photo: Shahrzad Warkentin

How many times have you let your little ones into your jewelry box for dress up play just to end up with the entire contents jumbled together in one giant knot? We’ve all got better things to…

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Why Knitting Sets the Stage for a Career in STEM

photo: Steve and Kate’s Camp
Knitting requires steady hands, a lot of yarn, and, as it turns out, math skills. A new movement is trying to get girls excited about math and science by teaching them how to knit and…

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