You Won’t Want to Take a Break from the New Revolution x Friends Beauty Line

These eye shadow palettes and lip kits will become your new friends.

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The “Rugrats” Are Back with an All-Star Cast of Famous Voices

The ’90s fave is back on the small screen with a cast of iconic voices.

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The “Rugrats” Are Back in a New CG Series, OG Cast Included

The “Rugrats” are back for a new generation.

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We’re Doing the Care Bears Countdown for This New Monopoly Edition

The Care Bears are back with a new Monopoly edition.

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she-ra reboot

Netflix to Bring Back “She-Ra” (for the Honor of Grayscull, Obvs!)

Pardon us, it’s just our inner 80s power princesses are freaking out right now.

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PepsiCo Wants to Bring You Back to the Future

It’s actually time to go Back to the Future with this retro bottle from Pepsi!

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