Target Is Adding Nursing Rooms to Stores Across the Country

Target wants to make shopping easier for new moms.

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You Can Cry If You Want to: 10 Ways to Survive Colic

There are hundreds of tips – thousands, even – about how to soothe your colicky baby, from advice from random strangers at the grocery store to your pediatrician’s expert tips. This is not that kind of advice. You get enough solicited (and even more unsolicited) advice when you’ve got a wee babe screaming in your arms. No, these tips are just for you: a random assortment of advice about how you, the parents, can survive a colicky baby.

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Delightfully Bookish! 5 Cool Kids Library Rooms

Stay cool on a hot summer day by spending time reading at one of these cool library reading rooms for kiddos.

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The Most Baby-Friendly Museums in the U.S.

Grab your carrier because some museums have really fluffed their welcome mats for new moms and pops. Find out which give babies star treatment!

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Decked Out Family Lounges That Go Beyond the Cramped Changing Station

Behold eight fashionable family lounges where you’ll find entertainment, microwaves to warm up bottles and even privately curtained breastfeeding rooms.

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