How to Pet-Proof Your Home

Pet-proofing isn’t all that different from babyproofing. Everything in arms—err, paws reach can be dangerous. Your new dog or cat is small, curious and prone to sniff out excitement (and potentially trouble!) as they explore their new world. Read on…

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DIY Desk Accessories That’ll Bring Cheer to Your Work Space

Whether you’re working from the kitchen table or a desk that seems to have magically appeared in your bedroom overnight, these cute projects will help make it feel special.

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Sweet Dreams Are Made of These New Target Bedding Sets by Joanna Gaines

This luxurious yet still farmhouse chic collection will have you hitting the snooze bar.

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This is What Working From Home With Kids Feels Like

Photo: Thought Credit
I am a mother, a wife and a writer. Listed in no particular order unless, of course, depending on the day, the month, the minute. I am equally passionate, driven, and exhausted by each of these roles.…

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Organizing Saved me When Babies Ruled my Day and my Night

Photo: Pexels
We left our friends and family in California and moved to Seattle with a two-year-old and a six-month-old in tow. Without family and friends, I was lonely. Nighttime feedings made me perpetually exhausted. I was hormonal, overwhelmed and…

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No Kidding! NYC’s Only Co-Working Space With Childcare

Self-employed and got some work to do — but have this thing called a kid you’re responsible for? Work and play co-exist here!

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