Considering an Air Purifier? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

From school to home—and everywhere in between!—parents are paying a lot of attention to air quality these days. And while there’s a whole big world out there, you can add a helpful device to breathe cleaner in your living space:…

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What I Didn’t Understand About Being a Working Mom Before I Was One

It goes without saying that working mamas are absolute badasses, but there was a lot I didn’t realize until I became a working mom myself.

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Big Bang: NYC’s 4th of July Family Activities for 2021

It’s summer in the city—here’s where to celebrate the USA!

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Is America Returning to Normal? The Proof Is in the Pudding

With a return to normal slowly becoming a reality, American’s shopping patterns are telling a unique story. It’s no secret that over the past year, everyone’s shopping habits changed drastically, but the biggest indicator that we are turning a corner…

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Raising a Child with Autism Can Be Lonely but It Doesn’t Have to Be

“The best way for your friends and family to support you as a parent raising a child with autism is to tell them. Tell them about your child. Tell them about your struggles, your child’s struggles, strengths, passions, victories, and all the things.”

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5 Ways Moms Can Help Balance Work & Family Time

“Here are specific tips to keep in mind to have a sense of balance in your life as a working mom.”

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teen with backpack alone

The System Is Failing Our Autistic Adults

“For families like mine, who support a loved one with autism, our daily fight advocating for services, resources and equality lasts for the entirety of our child’s life and likely beyond my own lifetime.”

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A Day in the Life of One Tired Mom Trying to Get Organized

Photo: Natalie B. via Pexels
I’ve resolved to get organized and develop better habits for 2019. I woke at 5 a.m., according to my new regimen, where I can catch a little “me time” and plan my day.
My son—who normally…

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7 Ways to Teach Your Kids about Elections

“This year has been unprecedented. What better time to engage with them on topics that will certainly remain issues as they mature into adults?”

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Here’s How To Earn $2,000 By Watching Rom-Coms

Earn cash by watching your fave films with your friends.

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Incredible Products Helping Kids Adjust to Pandemic Life

“If you’re still trying to find ways to teach your children about COVID-19 and help them adjust, then take a look at these fun items.”

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“The Office” Fans of All Ages Need This Little People Set

Have a play date with your pals at Dunder Mifflin.

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Introduce Your Kids to Michael Scott with “The Office: A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary”

The book features illustrations of the Dunder Mifflin employees reimagined as little kids. 

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Working Moms, a Pandemic & Our Breaking Point

“We need you to treat us like you would expect to be treated. We are your employees, your constituents, your friends, your neighbors, the people passing you on the street. And we are tired. We are struggling. We are barely making it day to day.”

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How to Balance Work & Life in 2021

“I can’t pretend that work-life balance is going to magically fall into place, but I know by taking these steps, I can maximize my family’s successes.”

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Things We Are Looking Forward to in 2021

2021 has already stolen our hearts. Here’s what we’re looking forward to the most.

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Local Parents Reveal What They Loved About 2020 (Really!)

2020 wasn’t all bad, these Portland parents share what they liked best about the year.

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Pediatricians 101: How to Choose a Doctor for Your Newborn

Need help choosing a pediatrician for your baby-to-be? Here are 6 easy steps to help you find the right doctor.

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What’s Up, Doc: Choosing a Pediatrician for Your Child

On your pregnancy to do list – find an amazing pediatrician before Baby arrives. Be sure to consider these tips in your search.

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Santa Cam

Yankee Candle Gives Us Peek into Santa’s Workshop This Year

Access to Santa’s virtual office is available this holiday season, around the clock, now through Dec. 24.

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The Day I Finally Lost It

“Everything felt hard today. I couldn’t prioritize or make the right decisions. So I walked and I cried. And I never cry. I just don’t, ever. But today, I couldn’t fight it.”

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kids on their phones and texting

4 Reasons Why My 13 Year-Old Is Not Allowed on Social Media

Photo: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
Ok. it’s 2019. I get (well not really) that people feel like their fetus needs to have its own Snapchat. But can we please take a minute to talk about this. I have a…

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The Office’s Lindsey Broad Chats with Us on Motherhood

We’re interviewing Power Parents who in our opinion, are killing it. From the board room to the changing room, these moms are filling us in on everyday life of how they juggle it all.
Today we’re interviewing Lindsey Broad –…

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Christmas Is Over. Or Is It?

Just because it’s December 26th doesn’t mean Christmas is over. Some Christmases seem to last forever. Here’s a look at some of the ways Christmas can linger.
Christmas the week after Christmas. Didn’t get the cards and packages into the mail?…

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Can You Survive Working From Home With Kids? These 4 Tips Can Help

“It was mid-July where I hit my working-from-home mom rock bottom so I made some changes. Here are my top sanity-saving tips for working from home with kids.”

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How Invisible Work & Sacrifices Affect Working Moms

“We interviewed 13 working moms. Their responses reveal a pattern of invisible sacrifices.”

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Barbie Campaign Team

Barbie Launches Campaign Team with Candidate, Campaign Manager, Fundraiser & Voter Dolls

This new set show girls the importance of a political team working together to win.

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