Instagram Just Announced New Features to Majorly Upgrade Privacy for Teens

Three new features will make it safer for teens on the massively popular platform.

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Keeping Teens Safe Online—What Parents Need to Know

Discussing the darker side of the world wide web—like phishing and cyberbullying—is crucial to help protect your teens from harm.

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Want to Connect With Your Child? Try Technology

“Despite my efforts to reduce screentime and connect with my kids, it wasn’t working. So then I tried this and suddenly we are engaging, laughing and sharing inside jokes.”

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Three Moms Share How They’re Keeping Their Kids Safe and Healthy While Online

Over the years, you’ve taught your kids a lot of ways to stay safe: look both ways before crossing the street, wear a helmet while riding a bike, go feet-first down slides and so much more. As your kids get…

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10 Things to Consider before Sharing Kid Pics on Social Media

There’s a fine line between sharing photos of your kids on social media and oversharing.

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Google’s Newest Tool Makes Managing Family Tech So Much Easier

Google’s new site for families has everything parents need to navigate the digital playground!

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Three Moms Share How They’re Navigating Their Tech Journey

Every family is different, which also means that every family’s experience with technology looks different.

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How to Start the Conversation Around Tech With Your Kids

Having “the tech talk” with your kids can be intimidating. Families.google offers free resources to make it easier!

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No Travel? No Problem: Try These Mid-Winter Break Camps

If you’re skipping your usual February fun-in-the-sun getaway, consider keeping the kids entertained with one of these engaging mid-winter break camps instead.

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4 Ways Your Girl Scout Can Supercharge Her Digital Cookie Sales

“Excited for your girl to build her cookie empire, grow her entrepreneurial confidence, and flex her digital marketing skills? Here’s how you can help her get started.”

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Small Builds for Big Conversations

LEGO Wants to Help Parents Talk About Online Safety

They are employing a “Build & Talk” approach.

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Are You an Internet Savvy Parent?

Find out how internet savvy you really are by taking this quiz.

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5 New Year’s Resolutions to Do as a Family

Make 2020 the year for fun, adventurous and healthy lifestyles—indoors and out.

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5 Must-Dos Before Giving Your Kid a Tablet or Phone

Help your family make the most of technology with a little help from Google.

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5 Ways Parents Can Keep Their Kids Safe Online

Essential ways to keep up with kid’s online lives and help protect their online activity.

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3 Ways to Keep Kids Safe Online, So You Don’t Have to Ban the Internet

So that “Momo challenge” thing isn’t real—but the fact that parents need to be watching their kids’ online definitely is.

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Parenting? There’s a Bot for That

Photo: Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash
You might be a mom who has high tech in her pocket or you might still be sending in your utility payments via snail mail. No matter how big (or small) of a…

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Experts Say “Enough Already” to Facebook’s Messenger Kids

Health experts are raising the alarm on Facebook’s latest app for kids.

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3 Reasons to Let Your Kid Play with Your Tablet

Today’s modern parent happily hands over their phone or tablet to their little one, but not without the guilt and wonder — “Is it okay?”

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With the right balance of creative and educational play and…

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This Is the Age When Kids Are Ready for a Smartphone, Expert Says

You might want to reconsider that smartphone purchase for your kiddo after reading what this expert has to say.

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Google Releases Game to Teach Kids How to Be Safe Online

This newest offering from Google is teaching little web surfers how to make smart decisions online.

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Check it Out! Secrets of the San Francisco Public Library

You knew your library card was good for books, but what about music, online games, tutoring help and even access to the Exploratorium and the Cal Academy?

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