22 Black Heroes Our Kids Should Know By Name

In order to give your kids an ever-widening view of the world, we’ve found Black heroes that have left a legacy for generations to come.  

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“Do I Have Time to Run to Lowe’s?” & Other Wild-but-True Real Life Birth Stories

Our new series, Tiny Birth Stories, is aimed at sharing real-life stories from our readers to our readers. In just 100 words or less, we’re bringing you the raw, the funny and the heartwarming stories you’ve lived while bringing babies…

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26 Black History Books to Read with Your Kids

These books for kids of all ages teach valuable lessons about history, perseverance and standing up for what is right.

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Jimmy Kimmel Delivers Tearful Speech About His Newborn’s Congenital Heart Defect

Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live
Finding out there’s something wrong with your newborn child is terrifying. Unfortunately, this was the case for late-night show host Jimmy Kimmel. On Monday night’s opening monolog, Kimmel shared a deeply personal story about his infant…

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5 People All Kids Should Know About for Black History Month (and Life)

Honor Black History Month by learning more about these amazing men and women.

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