Candid Confessions of a Pinterest-Challenged Mom

Photo: Ryan McGuire/Gratisography
I have a theory that cupcakes are a form of feminine oppression. No joke. Allow me to explain.
Your cupcakes for the second grade class are due to the teacher Monday at 8 a.m. sharp. You remember on…

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6 Actionable Ways to Celebrate Black History Month, Every Day

Celebrate Black History month with the kids with intention and purpose.

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5 Strategies to Help You Rise above Bullying

Despite the noble efforts of many to keep bullying at bay and to educate the public as to how to do so, the reality of bullying nonetheless persists. Here are five strategies to help you and your kids overcome the emotional damage that comes along with being a target.

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Harriet Tubman: A Tribute to a Legend Who Truly Fits the “Bill”

Photo: Ruthi Davis Photography
Dear Confessional,
I absolutely love writing poetry. I love it so much that in my own blank space of thoughts, I constantly make up poems about anything in my head. Something about the rhythm and melody…

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Family Vacation Spotlight: Big Fun in Little Israel

Looking for a one-stop shop for everything you could ever want to do on a family vacation? Look no further than Israel.

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Raising Compassionate Kids During the 2016 Elections

Photo: Global Munchkins
In a land founded by oppression you would think compassion would be in our blood. Yet, if you tune in to any of the election talk this year you will see that, sadly this is NOT the case.…

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