What’s Up, Doc? Your Guide to Well-Baby Doctor Visits During Baby’s First Year

Find out what to bring and what to expect at your well-baby visits with your pediatrician.

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9 Reasons Moms Need to Get Their Stress in Check

“Just like any job or role in life, being a mom can come with some serious stress. Here are just a few reasons why it’s important to keep your stress in check.”

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tooth fairy

Believing in the Tooth Fairy Is Good For Your Little One’s Oral Health

Delta Dental tracks the Tooth Fairy’s U.S. annual giving in the Original Tooth Fairy Poll.

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All the Ways to Help Keep Your Kids Healthy

You can set your kids up for a healthy life by teaching and modeling good habits. By starting young, you’ll ensure they carry these practices forward into adulthood.

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7 Simple Ways Parents Can Make Their Child’s First Trip to the Dentist a Success

By exposing your little one to these experiences early, you may prevent the onset of dentophobia—otherwise known as fear of the dentist.

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The Best Kids’ Museums in Every State (& DC)

The kids are going to need a special place to burn off all that extra energy this winter.

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7 Healthy Habits Your Kid Should Do Every Day

Every parent wants to raise healthy kids. The problem is that establishing good habits can be difficult, especially if we aren’t used to them ourselves. Here are 7 basic healthy habits that you can instill in your kids early so…

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The Best Museums for Kids in Every State

We’ve scoured a nation of awesome museums to bring you our top picks.

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Inside Dr. Michelle Kelman, Pediatric Dental Center with the Totally Awesome Awards 2016

Dr. Michelle Kelman, Pediatric Dental Center just won a Totally Awesome Award for Beaming Pediatric Dental Office in Los Angeles. We recently spoke to her about her experience as a business owner, the best advice she’s ever received and more.…

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Inside the Totally Awesome Brookhaven Children’s Dentistry with Judy Christianson

Any dentist that can make a kid’s visit calm, helpful, and—dare we say it?—fun, is awesome in our book. And that’s just the case at Brookhaven Children’s Dentistry, which boasts tons of kid-friendly accouterments and is your Totally Awesome pick…

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March Hot List: Summer Camp Specials, Family Fun, Sales and Deals

Just Between Friends Consignment Sale

Shoppers: Enjoy 50-90% off retail prices on clothes, shoes, toys, furniture & more! Consignors: Earn 60% automatically! YOU set the price, tag your items with an easy online barcoding system, and drop off your items…

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