A Love Letter to Portland: 11 Things We Can’t Wait to Do Again

A loving list of all the things we miss and can’t wait to do again with our families in Portland.

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Sad about Summer Quarantine? Here’s How to Make It Fun

“Just because the pandemic and subsequent quarantine have changed our plans, it doesn’t have to change your spirit!”

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How to Spend the Day on the Waterfront (in the Middle of Winter)

When you think of winters in D.C., hanging out on the waterfront may not be the first (or second) place that comes to mind. But guess what? It should be!

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12 Everyday Ways to Celebrate Your Kids

Today is Unbirthday Day, and you know how it goes: a birthday comes just once a year but there are 364 chances to celebrate your unbirthday!

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The Country’s Coolest Music Venues for Families

Catch a tune or two (sans sitter!) at these terrific spots that welcome tiny rockstars with open arms.

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Suzi Shelton

6 Free Outdoor Concerts to Savor Summer

As the outdoor concert season draws to a close, you’ll find six more kindie rock concerts to take advantage of this August — and they’re all free!

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10 Local Kids Bands Every NYC Parent Should Know

In 2013, there’s no shortage of great kid’s music being made in the city and so this list could easily be twice or three times as long! That said, here are, unequivocally, the 10 local kindie bands and artists you…

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4 Can’t-Miss November Kids Concerts

The summertime, outdoor concert season may now be just a distant speck in the rearview mirror but that doesn’t mean the good times have to stop rolling for you and your kids. There are still great bands playing all over…

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Your Guide to Free Summer Concerts

Outdoor concerts abound in this city come summer ––we suggest booking the sitter when Beach House takes SummerStage or when Governors Island becomes Punk Island (although kids are fantastic anarchists). Despite all the shows you want to catch, there are…

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