Play All Day: NYC’s Best Playgrounds for Kids of All Kinds

Got a climber? A Slider? A Toddler? We’ve got a spot for them—and everyone else, too!

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National Parks Maps

Visit All 62 National Parks with One Awesome Book

Discover a park you’ve never heard of before.

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Chil Out! 15 Cool Things to Do This Winter in Atlanta

There’s no shortage of ways to have fun with your kids this winter!

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Hits the Slopes, LA-Style: Where to Go Sand Sledding with Kids

Who needs snowy mountains when you have these sandy dunes right nearby?

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Sitting Pretty: 5 Perfect Picnic Spots in Atlanta

We’ve found the perfect spots for your basket and blanket.

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Road Trip

Survey Finds Road Trips Have Been among the Happiest Moments from This Summer

Many Americans hit the road to visit national parks and camp for the first time.

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The Best Programs to Recycle & Donate Clothes

Not only can you put old clothes to good use, but you’ll also help the planet by reducing waste.

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Events Canceled in Atlanta? Here’s What to Do with the Kids Mar. 27-29

We know you’re doing your part to shelter-in-place but we also know kids need fresh air! We’ve rounded up some ideas that still respect social distancing but can help the kids feel free. You’ve got this!

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This 13-Year-Old Soccer Phenom Just Made Her-Story Signing a Deal With Nike

This teen is breaking barriers for young women everywhere.

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4th of July

Heads Up, Travelers: There Will Be Traffic Like WHOA on July 4th

Make sure you factor in a few extra hours before you hit the road this July 4th.

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10 Steps for Transitioning Back to School With a Tidy Bedroom

Original article by Laura Gaskill on Houzz

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With kids having new schedules to learn and teachers to get to know, the back-to-school rush can feel chaotic after so many weeks of summer break. Having a…

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Meet the Company That Makes Camping Easy (Even with Kids!)

Whether it’s your first time, or if it’s been a few seasons since you pitched a tent, Camp Crate is the answer to your supply problems.

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This Travel Agency Will Send You on a Surprise Vacation

Take a trip without knowing where you’re going.

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The Most Walkable Cities in the US Are an Adventurous Family’s Dream Come True

Find out of your city is one of the most walkable in the US.

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How to Stay in Sweden for Free with Airbnb

Discover how you can stay anywhere in Sweden’s majestic landscape for free.

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Your Family’s New Hot Spot: Campfire Restaurant in Carlsbad

Warm up at the new Campfire restaurant in Carlsbad a place to eat with littles in tow.

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Studies Show Hiking Reduces ADHD Symptoms, Negativity and More

photo: Allison Sutcliffe
Feeling stressed? Take a hike! You’ve probably always heard how revitalizing it can be to get some fresh air, but now studies have proven that your family hike in the woods can actually change your brain for…

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Holiday Stress: The Power Is In Your Hands

When I was growing up, the term holiday stress did not exist in my vocabulary. Christmas was fun, joyful, a time to see my entire family, (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents) and of course, get presents. And back then, it was…

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Imagine the Possibilities: 10 Unbelievable Places to Take Your Kidventor

Our favorite spots are fit for LEGO lovers and explorative thinkers alike.

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Chill Out! 4 Cool Movie Theaters With Cheap Seats

Keep cool as summer heats up with movie theaters that beat the heat and won’t burn a hole in your pocketbook.

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9 Things You Must Do On Your Next Trip to Victoria, BC

Looking for a quick spring getaway with the fam? A visit to British Columbia will leave you and your crew refreshed and a little smarter!

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Road Trip! Step Back in Time in San Juan Bautista

One of the oldest cities in California, San Juan Bautista visitors can get an up-close view of the stars, learn about California history, sample some amazing food and more.

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Cool Off at Summer Meltdown August 6-9, 2015

Just hearing the word “meltdown” makes the heat that has encompassed Seattle this summer feel a little less blistering. Now, all you need is the woods, some mountains, a little water, and of course music, and you’ve got yourself a…

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Soak Up the Sun at 7 Family-Friendly Beaches Near NYC

Don’t stay put in the concrete jungle this summer, plan a refreshing day trip to one of NYC’s most family-friendly beaches accessible by subway or commuter train.

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Road Trip: A Parent’s Guide to Chattanooga

Something about crisp, fall air just makes you want to pack up the kids and hit the road. If you are looking for an easy trip to enjoy the season, try trucking over to Chattanooga. It’s a mere 100 miles…

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Forget the Sunscreen: A Cool Indoor Sand Oasis for Seattle Kids

It’s raining out. Again. And it’s going to be until, well… July. You’ve been to your tried and true indoor play spaces and playtime at your local community center so many times that you’ve started bringing the girl at the…

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7 Easy & Fun Outdoor Activities for Los Angeles Kids

While the rest of the country is bundling up in layers, all of us in Los Angeles are thanking our lucky stars for the unseasonably warm weather. Let’s forget global warming for a minute and admit that walking around in…

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Everett’s Imagine Children’s Museum & Forest Park

With longer days and more flexible schedules, summer’s a great time to explore new areas outside of Seattle.  Just a short drive (30 minutes or so) North of Seattle is Everett; home to a fantastic Children’s Museum and a huge…

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EXPLORE: Lynnwood/Martha Lake

If winter has you feeling a tad cooped up, yearning for those summer days you spent lingering by the lakes, we’ve got a perfect solution.  Pack up the kids and head to Lynnwood’s Martha Lake neighborhood. First stop, Martha Lake…

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Downtown Redmond and Redmond Town Center

Santa isn’t the only one multi-tasking this time of year. With all the gift-buying, card-mailing and house-decorating to do, the holidays feel more like a holi-daze. Which is why you should pack up the kiddos and head to Redmond Town…

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