What It’s like to Be Induced at 41 Weeks

“An hour-by-hour look at being induced and waiting for our little one to arrive.”

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A World-Class Emergency Department Just For Bay Area Kids

When your child needs emergency care, you want the best care possible.  Luckily for Bay Area parents, world-class care is available 24/7 at the pediatric emergency department at Stanford Medicine.

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Meditation for Parents: A Guide for Beginners

Take your first step towards a more harmonious home life.

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The Best Pregnancy and Newborn Books of 2017

With the right parenting book, you can improve your health, get your baby to sleep better, and whip up purees like a pro. We’ve compiled the best new books of the year.

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The New Parenting Class You Need to Check Out

The Parent Collective is here to get you prepped — and introduce you to your new best friends.

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The Best Hidden Exercise You Should Do Every Day

Photo: Healthwise, Incorporated
Recently, a friend of mine mentioned that she didn’t like running that much.  It wasn’t because she wasn’t in shape, or she wasn’t fast, or she didn’t have the time…it was because she felt like she had…

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Hooping Yoga Mama Classes

Get ready for the birth of your baby!
A gentle combination of Yoga, Pilates and Hula Hooping to help relax and strengthen your body for chilbirth.

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Join other women who are also in their 2nd…

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