Creating a Monster Cake for My Little Monster

So, for my little monster’s second birthday she got a MONSTER (shocking) pajama party.  Complete with monster paper dolls, sock monster favors, and, of course, a monster cake!  It couldn’t be a monster party without a monster cake.
What you…

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birthday hats, sprinkles, cake

17 Activities That Double as Birthday Party Favors

This is a genius parenting hack we can get behind.

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Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Diagon Alley and Beyond

Bring Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley to Life with This Deluxe Pop-up Book

This new book recreates beloved scenes from the Harry Potter films.

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What They Don’t Tell You about Raising Kids (When Preparing for the Future)

What they don’t tell you about planning for the future with kids is that you realize how sweet even the hardest moments in the past were.

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How to Teach Value & Respect So Kids Can Understand

My daughter threw her peas at me across the dinner table. “I will not eat these peas, even if you say please, because they are gross!” she exclaimed while sliding her bowl toward me as well. Though I was mildly…

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What My 3-Year-Old Taught Me about Forgiveness

I’ve known for years the power of forgiveness—and the power of second chances was revealed to me last weekend from an unexpected source.

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Dance Parties & Paper Dolls: Why I Adore My Lived-In Home

Growing up, I always envisioned I’d live way off the road. I was raised that way, flanked on both sides by cornfields and cousins. I just knew I’d have a winding driveway like my parents and that I’d plop a…

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4 Awesome Gift Ideas for Your Budding Artiste

Don’t paint yourself into a corner! Here are four inspired gift Ideas for young artists, storytellers and all-around creative spirits, from the Parents’ Choice Foundation!
Check out our other six recommendations for creative, crafty gifts at the Parents’ Choice Foundation…

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Celebrate New Holiday Traditions in Old Town

Here are our picks for celebrating the season in Old Town.

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Field Trip: Take the Kids to Explore Portland’s Cargo Imports

Taking a trip to Cargo is like exploring the hull of a treasure ship. An international bazaar, flea market, furniture showroom, and curiosity shop all rolled into one, Cargo makes for an amazing shopping experience for the whole family. Yes,…

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Portland Activities: Explore Mississippi Avenue

If you smile when you see a “Keep Portland Weird” bumper sticker, you’ll feel right at home on Mississippi Avenue. Portland Kids will enjoy exploring this street’s unusual shops and eating at the fun, family-friendly restaurants.
Breakfast: Grab breakfast (or…

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