My Baby Failed Her Genetic Screen. Here’s What Happened Next

“My doctor kept talking, but my brain only heard the words ‘abnormal’ and ‘spina bifida.’ What this would mean for our family?”

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Can’t Decide to Send the Kids Back to School? 5 Tips for Overcoming Decision Paralysis

“In the weeks between now and the start of school, practicing these techniques can help you move out of the paralysis of not knowing what to do and making the best decision you can in your situation.”

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18 Totally Useless Life Hacks

Some parenting hacks are worth their weight in gold. Others … not so much.

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CDC Issues Encouraging Update on Rare, Polio-Like Disease

The end of this mysterious disease could be in sight—for now.

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Christopher Reeve’s Son Creates Adapted Toys For People With Paralysis

Will Reeves, son of Christopher Reeves, and former football player Eric LeGrand didn’t want parents, grandparents, and other close relatives suffering from paralysis to watch their children play; they wanted them to be involved in the experience. Will recently launched…

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The City’s Secret Garden

Central Park may sprawl over 843 acres, but, after a while, it feels like you’ve seen every single one of them.  There’s Belvedere Castle.  Again.  There’s the Carousel.  Again.  And, hey, look, there’s the Boat Pond. For moms and dads…

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