Should You Watch “Bird Box” on Netflix? Sandra Bullock Says All Moms Can Relate

Not sure if you can handle “Bird Box” on Netflix? Here’s a spoiler-free preview.

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The Holderness Family Is At It Again With a Video About the DIY Slime Struggle

The family that parodies together keeps it hilarious together.

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This Chip and Joanna Gaines Parody Video Will Crack You Up

If you’re shiplap-obsessed, you’ll totally relate to this hilarious video.

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This Thanksgiving Parody Video Is Every Family Right Now

The Holderness family is at it again with their latest (and super hilarious) holiday parody.

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How a Mom Would Handle That BBC Interview (and Take Care of Dinner, Too)

photo: Jono and Ben via Facebook
Unless you’ve been living under rock, you’ve probably seen the BBC interview heard around the world by now. While Robert Kelly handled his kids crashing in as professionally as possible, the makers of this…

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Just for Laughs: 5 Best Videos of Kids Dancing to Gangnam Style

Just when we thought the Gangnam Style parodies, dancing, and hoopla was over, a new video (dare we say, even the best video to date) has emerged, which features a baby fast asleep until she hears her fave song, Gangnam…

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