80 Award-Winning Kids’ Books You Need for the Bookshelf

Supplement your summer reading list with a few prizewinners that hit every age and stage.

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The Best Pen Pal Programs for Kids

No matter how old you are, everyone longs to feel a little more connected these days.

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Getting Together While Staying 6 Feet Apart

“The thing that I’ve definitely missed is time with the family members who aren’t navigating quarantine within our household but here are some clever solutions we’ve come up with to reduce our distance without compromising anyone’s health.”

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Give Back! 11 Volunteering Opportunities for LA Kids

Turn your LA kid into a mini activist with our roundup of where to volunteer—from beach cleanups to a sidewalk lemonade stand.

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The Cancun Yucatan Adventure Every Family Should Experience

We went to the Club Med in the Yucatan to find out if it really was the perfect family vacation destination. Find out what we discovered.

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Boredom Be Gone! 14 Ways to Combat Cabin Fever

Staying indoors for a day or two doesn’t have to mean going bonkers. Take a peek at the creative ideas we’ve found for beating cabin fever.

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