How to Build Trust with Your Tween (According to Experts)

While they won’t help with the inevitable eye roll, this expert advice can help you connect and build mutual trust.

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Dear Daughters, I Saw Your Struggles This School Year

“This school year was rough. There have been no laughter-filled cafeterias, crowded hallways, trips to the school library, or bumpy field trip bus rides.”

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Dinner With the Kids, and an Unfinished Bottle of Wine

Photo: CCFoodTravel
Our dinners out with the kids start so optimistically; walking out together with an unopened bottle of $9 wine in hand, basking in the satisfaction of having gotten three kids dressed and out the door. But, sometimes these…

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Our Kids Need to Play Together but Is It Safe to Do Outdoors?

“Experts say that when we’re together, it’s much safer to be outside than in. And with proper safety protocols, kids and families can and should enjoy lots and lots of nature time.”

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How a Lobster Can Teach Your Kids Social Distancing

“An essential way to give our kiddos the reminders they need once we are in a social situation—and a reminder that is kid-friendly, non-shaming, and super fun.”

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10 Times She Shouldn’t Say Sorry

Parents: Read this list from the Girl Scouts with your daughter, and remind her that although it’s important to make amends when she’s truly done something wrong, apologizing when she hasn’t can undermine how others see her and damage her self-worth.

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The Best Gift Guide for Girls Age 5 to 15

Even if you don’t find your perfect gift on this list, you’ll certainly find some inspiration for your little girl’s birthday and get her something she’ll truly enjoy!

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The Week I Busted Every Excuse My Toddler Gave to Not Eat

We’ve found your solution to picky eaters. Rejoice!

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7 Refreshing Ways to Keep the Family Cool When It’s Super Hot Out

Here’s how to keep you and the kiddos cool on those sweltering summer days.

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tweets of the week

Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week: February 2, 2018

A new week, a new series of hilarious tweets to keep us laughing through the weekend.

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7 Style Ideas for a Study Space Kids Will Actually Use

Original article written by Shawn Gauthier on Houzz

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If you’re having trouble luring your kids indoors to finish their assignments, consider sprucing up their study area. It’s hard to make it as tantalizing as a…

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Fun Experiences (& Easy Travel Tips) from My Family’s Australian Adventures

I was a little skeptical about taking a two week trip with my husband and two boys. It’s always a little more complicated to travel with kids, especially when everyone has such different interests. As it would turn out, we…

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The Awesome Thing That Happened When I Let My Son Stick up for Himself

As park weather begins and more kids start filling up the swings there will inevitably be conflict. Pushing, yelling, name calling and other behavior are bound to happen in these situations. How we deal with it will help our kids learn conflict resolution in the future.

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Be the Mom Your Children Need

Photo: Surabhi Surendra
On our way back home from the nearby mall, she fell asleep on the backseat of the car. I was holding my 3 months old infant so my husband carried her upstairs to our home and we…

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A Mom’s Lesson In Sharing

Photo: Pexels
The moment they came into my world, my children have pushed their way into every corner and crack of my existence. In most ways, it’s been a wonderful burgeoning of love that I openly welcome with little regard…

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Parents Tweet Conversations With Their Kids & Prove Parenting Is Awesome

Kids say the darndest things – and with these funny parents, those things immediately go on Twitter. We’ve rounded up the most hilarious 140-character quips from kid to parent. Scroll below and see how many you can relate to.


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Tantrums and Trouble

Just imagine what the world would be like if it was acceptable for grown adults to act like children. I mean actually acceptable…At work, at home, at restaurants, wherever. Perhaps it already is…I have witnessed far too many adults throwing…

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The Unnatural Mom

I made a confession to my spouse the other day. I am not a natural mom. I may have given birth to three very healthy, rambunctious, strong and smart kids. But this did not make me a mom.
I did…

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Why We Should Stop Using the Phrase ‘Boys Will Be Boys.’

There is a lot of focus right now on the language we use when talking to and about our daughters. My social media news feed is filled with articles warning me of the subtle influence my words have on my…

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Bay Area Backyard Bird Watching With the Kids

Looking to combine a fun kids craft project with outdoor summer fun? You don’t need to visit the wetlands and salt marshes to do a little bird watching. This is one activity you and your family can enjoy in the…

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