The Unexpected Bonus of How Piano Lessons Helped Me Bond with My Kids

Photo: DSLRLover via Pixabay
Who knew piano lessons could help me bond with my children and prevent dementia at the same time?!?
When I signed my girls up for piano lessons last year, I had no idea what I was…

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Here’s Why Science Says Your Kids Should Play Piano

A new study shows one unexpected benefit to playing the piano.

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January 2018 Spoke Writing Challenge Winners!

Read excerpts from our top 3 winning Spoke posts about “The Productive Parent.”

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Dear Girl Scouts, I Will Buy Your Cookies On One Condition…

Photo: Annmarie Kelly-Harbaugh
Resolutions, shmesolutions. It’s Girl Scout Cookie time.

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Who doesn’t love Samoas with that chocolate and caramel mix? You have not lived until you’ve dunked Trefoils in cocoa or chased a peanut…

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How Motherhood Gave Me a Killer Resume

Photo: Pixabay
I swore I’d never be one of those moms who over-scheduled her kids (as much for my sanity as for theirs) and I’ve honored this commitment until this year when it seems as the children get older, their…

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Snap To It! 8 Local Services That Save You Time

These new services are mom and dads’ little helpers, offering to everything from clearing the clutter from your closets to making house calls when Fido feels under the weather.

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4 Local Domestic Services That Save the Day

Need help cooking, cleaning, canning or planning a party? These domestic services can help.

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Roasted Citrus Rosemary Chicken

A delicious combination of herbs, citrus and chicken make this dish worthy of your weeknight dinner rotation.

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Get Fit Now: 10 Apps for Quick Workouts & Healthy Eating Tips

Check out these easy-to-use smartphone apps, featuring quick workouts, healthy eating tips, and exercise trackers, and download your way to being the most fit parent on the block.

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Now Hear This: Music Classes for Your Wee One

If your little star likes to sound off, tune into one of these Atlanta-area music classes so your babe doesn’t miss a beat. They’ll pump up your peanut’s playlist for a song and foster a lifelong love of music.

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Seattle Kids’ Music Classes

Do your little ones love to crank up the tunes on your iPod? Got a mini Mozart on your hands? Whether it’s staging a dance party in the family room or winding down to lullabies at bedtime, babies and kids…

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