Deck Out Your Playroom with These Wooden Toys from Etsy

These wooden toys will last forever and they look cool in your home. Best of all, there are no tiny plastic parts for you to step on!

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D.C.’s Awesome Airbnbs for Families

Make your next family vacay R&R-ready by booking at one of these local abodes with kid-friendly perks (think: dress up closets, projector screens and fun green spaces).

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4 Ways to Turn Your House into Your Kid’s Dream Home

“From building a treehouse to indoor rock climbing, here are some amazing DIY ideas for making your home the most magical place for your kids to grow up happy.”

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11 Easy Lunar New Year Projects for Kids

From paper lanterns and red envelopes to lunar calendars and more, we’ve got great craft ideas to celebrate the Year of the Ox.

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Whelp. We’ve Made It to Christmas

“It’s the time of year where one’s heart should grow three sizes and goodwill should be sprinkled like the curse words you use while trying to find the last-minute gift that your child decided was the gift of the year that you did not buy.”

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Holiday gift

The Mattel Playroom Transforms into a Holiday Hub

Find ideas for holiday decorations and play.

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Bee Happy Hoppers

Fill Your Playroom with These ALDI Finds

They will be available the week of Sept. 16. 

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25 Telltale Signs You’re a Proud Chicago Mom

We think Chicago moms are pretty special. . . here are some signs that you’re undeniably a Chicago mom!

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Thank You Heroes

Mattel Unveils Special Edition Collection Immortalizing Today’s Heroes

The popular toy brand has a new roster of #ThankYouHeroes Fisher-Price action figures and Little People figurines.

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Mattel Launches Digital Resource to Help Parents During Coronavirus Closures

This new online hub also offers play-from-home information and tips for parents and caregivers.

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Dinosaur Sculpture

Dad Accidentally Orders Massive 20 ft. Statue for Dino-Loving Son

What do you do when your kids love dinosaurs? You order them one, of course!

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Be Ready for This Baby Shark Toy to Be on Your Kid’s Wish List in 2020

Your kids will be on their feet dancing with their favorite shark friend.

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Mom Creates Playroom Complete With a Mini Target & Starbucks

This 3-year-old’s playroom complete with a Target and Starbucks has gone viral.

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Try These Declutter Tips for Your Child’s Messy Room

Kids learn by playing but if they have too many options or the pile of toys is a cluttered mess, chances are they aren’t optimizing their opportunities. These tips can help get those toys under control.

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LEGOS, Life Lessons, and My Little Lady

Photo: Shelley Massey
My daughter. She’s a wily one. Born smack in the middle of two boys with a mom who cares more that she gets in a good run than a good manicure, my tender bloom is equal parts girly-girl…

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10 Tips to Make the Ultimate Playroom

These useful tips will help create the ultimate play space for your kids at home.

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Fun, Functional Kid-Friendly Furniture for Any Room in the House

These 8 kid-friendly furniture pieces put the fun in functional, with cool style and room to grow with your child.

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11 Sensory Play Ideas for Babies & Toddlers to Celebrate Spring

Spring into the season with these 11 creative ideas for sensory play, filled with flowers, bugs, rainbows, plastic Easter eggs and more.

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How “Fiver Parties” Will Change the Way You Do Birthdays

This new trend is a total party game changer.

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Climb On: Indoor Rock Climbing for All Ages

Here are our favorite indoor rock climbing gyms where scaling the walls is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged.

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When Kids Have Fewer Toys They’re More Creative, New Research Finds

They say less is more, but a new study reveals just how much more creative kids can be with fewer distractions.

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Farewell, Land of Nod—Parents, Say Hello the New Crate and Kids

The kids home decor brand you love has a whole new name with even more awesome styles.

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Harry Potter LEGO Sets? Just Take Our Money Already

Because we all need a LEGO model of Hogwarts in our lives.

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Sesame Street Celebrates 50 Years with 7 New Lifestyle & Apparel Collabs

Sesame Street goes big for it’s 50th anniversary with 7 new collaborations!

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Check Out This Pop-Up Bar Built Entirely From LEGOs

This bar promises to be an adult playground for LEGO fans.

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Attack of the Robot Vacuum!

Everything in life has felt a little heavy lately. I was down and out with pneumonia last week and found myself watching the news a lot. There is a lot of bad stuff going on in the world. A school…

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Can You Guess How Big the Tallest Toy Brick Tower in the World Is?

The tallest plastic brick tower on record was just built in Tel Aviv.

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4 Gift Ideas to Inspire Make Believe & Imaginative Play

Pretend play, also known as make believe, is as important to child development as it is fun. Here are four pretend play gift ideas from the Parents’ Choice Foundation to delight young imaginations!

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New Gourmet Restaurant with Playroom Revolutionizes Date Night

Landon’s Gourmet Kitchen is San Diego’s first restaurant to offer onsite childcare!

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