Your Fave Breakfast Monsters Are Combining for Cereal

Monster Mash is coming to major retailers for a limited time!

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Celebrate Lucasfilm’s 50th B-day with a LEGO R2-D2 Build!

The LEGO Star Wars universe is getting a new set for master builders.

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30 of the Funniest Santa Photo Fails of the Season

We’ve rounded up of some of the funniest photos of kids trying—and failing—to get a perfect picture with Santa. Just try not to laugh!

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A Different Kind of Cat Grooming Salon

Photo: Janet Coburn
I do so love to watch cats grooming themselves. I find it hypnotic and soothing – the smooth play of muscles as they twist and stretch, the sensual splayed toes, the darting little pink tongue, the occasional glimpse of…

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Give Your Kids an Experience This Christmas, Not Toys! (Here’s Why)

Photo: Jill111 via pixabay
Over two thousand years ago the Buddha observed that “cravings” were the source of most of our suffering. (And he was pretty wise… like a Buddha, in fact!)
Basically, cravings cause us to chase after pleasure…

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beTWEEN The Bookends

Teen Curates Subscription Box in Response to COVID-19

Boxes ship out the first week of every month.

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Flexcations Are the New Travel Trend, Data Shows

Families are making the best of flexible work and school schedules.

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Stream “Hamilton: History Has Its Eyes on You” on Disney+

The special will be hosted by Robin Roberts.

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Reading book

Stephenie Meyer to Publish New Book in the Twilight Series

The story is told from Edward’s point of view.

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Duff Goldman Announces First Cookbook for Kids

His new cookbook will feature 35 of the gooiest, chewiest easiest-to-follow recipes ever.

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Julie Andrews Is Hosting a Storytelling Podcast for Children

Every story is magically brought to life through music, sound design and special guest appearances.

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13 Compliments You Need to Give Your Son

An open line of communication and positive feedback for your little guy are key.

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7 Things I’m Insisting on Teaching My Girls

“Raising girls is hard and the hardest thing I’ve ever done, by far. But I’m doing my best to instill these strong values in my girls so they will feel empowered for the rest of their lives and know their strength and happiness comes from within them.”

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These Conversation Cards Can Help Positively Shape Your Teen’s Views on Sex

These conversation cards are a crucial step to re-shaping the next generation into empowered, self-assured individuals who are equipped with factual information to make healthy decisions.

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Why You Need a Mom Break and How to Take One

“Remember mama, you are a vital part of your family. You’re more than just a worker, you are a life-giver and source of inspiration. So treat yourself and give yourself a break.”

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This Popular National Park Just Named Its First Female Chief Ranger in 85 Years

This new chief ranger is a true trail-blazer in every sense.

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“Yummy Mummies” Is Netflix’s Answer to “Real Housewives” (If They Were All Pregnant)

This controversial Aussie reality show you have to see to believe is now on Netflix.

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J.K. Rowling Is Writing Her First Kids Book Since “Harry Potter”

The “Harry Potter” author answered questions at her website, including what she’s writing now.

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How to Play Pretend With Your Kids in 5 Easy Steps (& Legit Have Fun, Too)

One mom’s amazingly unique and practical suggestions for how to play pretend with your children.

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“Sesame Street’s” Hilarious Parody of “The Walking Dead” is Amazing!

“Sesame Street” is brilliantly parodying the AMC fan favorite.

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Room for Two: 12 Twin Nursery Design Ideas to Steal

Not sure how you’ll fit two cribs and double the stuff into a shared space? Get inspiration from these beautiful twin nurseries.

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How I Healed My Abusive Childhood

I grew up the only child of a poor single mother who, because of her own demons, couldn’t give me the attention that every child deserves.  When I was seven, a man offered to let me attend his sleepaway camp…

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Study Shows Getting Angry Makes You Happier

If you feel bad about getting mad sometimes, don’t! Science now says getting angry is actually good for you.

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Waldo Is Turning 30 (& There Are New Books to Celebrate!)

Your favorite wandering wayfarer has been at it for three decades and he’s not quitting anytime soon!

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This Drive-In Wants You to Watch ‘Jaws’ While Floating in Water

In one southwest state, moviegoers are trading their plush theater seats for inner tubes and here’s why.

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The Surprising Lesson A Mom And Toddler Learned Sitting Next To A Macho Guy On A Flight

photo: Love What Matters/ Facebook
A mom traveling cross-country with her toddler was already nervous when they boarded their lengthy flight, but when she saw who they would be sitting next to, she really got worried. She was nervous the…

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Ten Things That Surprised Me About Being a SAHM

I had a long teaching career planned and never planned to be a SAHM. Here are ten surprising things I discovered on this long, strange trip called life.
In my “first life” (aka my first marriage) I was the full-time…

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Annoying things Non-Parents Say to Parents

Have you heard any of these statements?

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20 Reasons to Be Thankful You’re a Chicago Parent

We Chicago parents are a proud and mighty bunch. What can you be grateful for? Read on and find out!

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Being a Mom Means: My Honest Confession

Photo: Flicker
Being a mom is a gift that is unimaginably precious. It is a love that never ends; it is a relationship that never dies. Nothing else can produce the true joy and satisfaction that motherhood allows. It is…

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Cycling: My World On Two Wheels

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike. -John F. Kennedy
As is true for most people, my relationship with cycling began as a young child. I remember pedaling up and down the block in front of my…

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No More Good Doggie: How Rewards and Praise Hurt Students

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons
One afternoon, my son came home from school and unpacked three certificates of academic achievement printed out on cheerful purple and orange cardstock. He seemed mildly pleased with his awards, but something was bothering him: Every…

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Should You Bribe Your Child to Read?

Photo: Big Stock Photo
As parents, we know how important it is that our kids read, and read often. We understand that reading is critical in the development of all kinds of positive traits in youth, from academic skills to…

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