Hola, Bon Jour, Konnichiwa! Language Classes for Little Learners

If your sidekick is a non-stop chatterbox, teach him or her to say those words in another language at these cool foreign language classes and schools.

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Sponge School

Pint-Sized Fun! Our Favorite Classes & Programs for Toddlers

Seattle is chock-full of classes and programs that will keep little ones entertained and develop their growing minds and bodies.

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Hangin’ with the Minis: 6 Mommy & Me Classes to Take This Fall

In an attempt to keep your tots from spending their days staring at a screen, we’ve compiled a list of awesome mommy and me classes that will get you out of the house and bonding with your wee ones.

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Two in Tow: 7 Activities That Span the 1-5 Age Gap

We’ve rounded up seven activities that actually bridge the gap between too old and too young. Check out our faves for kids ages one to five, and then grab your two (or three… or four…) and go!

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¿Habla Español?: Spanish Classes for Kids

Your LinkedIn profile may say that you’re bilingual thanks to those two-years of high school German that you took at least a decade ago, but let’s protect our kids from the tragedies of having to pad their resumes a little…

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Hot List – Sales, Deals, Schools & Classes

The shopping season may be over, but now is the best time to find sweet deals on kids clothes, shoes, toys and gear – check out the awesoem sales below.  January is also a good time to think about school…

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November Hot List – Seattle Fall Sales and Deals

The Holiday Season is fast approaching, and with it, holiday sales and deals! From a 50% discount at Bellevue Art & Frame, to discounts on photography sessions (yes, there’s still time to get your Christmas card photo done), kids classes…

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August Hot List – Back to School Sales, Preschool Openings & More

Ready to hit the shops for back-to-school supplies? Make sure to visit the retailers below for special Red Tricycle savings on shoes, clothes, lunchboxes and other back-to-school school gear. If you’re still looking for the perfect school setting for your…

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June Hot List – Sales & Deals for Moms in Seattle

Buy One Get One FREE kids clothes, a kids birthday party package for $100, karate classes (including uniform!) for $50, free drop in childcare, $50 off a family portrait session! Read on for the  best sales & deals around town…

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