Yes, Sexting Happens in Middle School. Here’s How to Talk to Kids about It

“Developing healthy online habits takes attention, discussion, and lots of practice. The road is full of bumps but luckily gets smoother as parents help kids navigate the potholes.”

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Buying Your Kid a Phone for the Holidays? Here’s What You Need to Know

You’ve finally decided it’s time for their first smartphone. That’s super exciting for them—but perhaps slightly terrifying for you.

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California District Changes School Dress Code So It Won’t Unfairly Target Girls

This school district drastically changed their dress code for an important reason.

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What Kind of Digital Parent Are You?

Parents in today’s digital world are raising the future of technology. Building children’s confidence and resilience is key for them to get the best of a sometimes-overwhelming but incredible and useful digital world. There are 3 very distinct approaches to…

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Before You Click That Weird Video on Facebook Messenger, Read This

Another critically important reminder to think before you click on social media.

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