Airbnb Hosts Enrolled More Than 1 Million Listings in Cleaning Protocol

Bookings for listings opted into the Enhanced Cleaning Protocol are more likely to be for family stays. 

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Haribo Passport Mix

HARIBO Releases New Limited Edition Passport Mix

Get these gummies from around the globe in one delicious bag.

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These Contact Lenses May Help Slow Down Nearsightedness in Children

These contacts do more than just help your kiddo to see better.

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Preparing Your Kids for Emergencies

Practicing disaster preparation with your kids helps build the skills and muscle memory that’s necessary to best adapt to emergency situations, whether it’s a fire, earthquake, flood or worse.

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Recall Alert: Starbucks Is Recalling This Popular Coffee Press

Check your coffee press if you bought it at Starbucks.

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How to Watch the World Cup on YouTube (Hint: It’s LEGO)

With LEGO, everything is awesome, especially the World Cup!

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Whoa Dude! The Trendiest Kids Clothes Store in SF

You don’t have to vacation in Europe to bring some trendy Euro-style to your kid’s wardrobe. Head to Whoa Dude! and they’ll have your tot covered from head to toe.

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This Is What Play Looks Like Around the World

Today is the International Day of Happiness and nothing shows joy like children at play!

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How You Can Get Direct, Instagram’s Awesome New Messaging App

It’s been seven years since the world was graced by Instagram, the photo sharing app that turned selfies into a natural form of self-expression. In a new report from The Verge, it looks like Instagram is about to undergo a…

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Good News for Older Moms: Babies Later in Life May Help You Live Longer

Older mamas may have another reason to celebrate waiting a little longer to have their bundles of joy.

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Portugal: The Luxury Family Vacay Spot That Should Be On Your Radar

High style. Great food & service. Chilling in the city or on the coast. And kids’ clubs galore! (Yes, you can have it all here.)

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These Parents Quit Their Jobs to Travel the World With Their Toddler

photo: Travel As They Grow
When new parents Terry and Jennifer Constant found that their jobs were getting in the way of spending time with their newborn they decided to quit, sell their house, and travel the world in a…

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Asgari Photography

Capturing the essence of your child in a picture requires a photographer who is equal parts observer and alchemist. They must have that uncanny ability to get kids to express their true selves and then capture the magic when they…

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