Simple DIY Busy Boards Toddlers Will Love

Keep fidgeting fingers busy with these do-it-yourself activity boards.

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Why You NEED to Build a Treehouse This Summer

Building a treehouse taught my son many things, but mostly that it is okay, and natural, to make mistakes. We made numerous errors along the way and it’s not perfect, but who or what is?

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Cool Camper: 10 Awesome Traveling Trailers

From tricked-out vintage models to brand new fun designs, these family-friendly trailers may inspire you and your crew to take the road trip of a lifetime.

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Just Opened: The Butterfly Joint, A Woodworking Studio for Kids

A brand new woodworking studio for kids in San Francisco brings back the wonder of the wood shop and the magic of making things with your hands.

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Build, Saw and Drill! A Traveling Woodworking Studio for Kids

Let your little ones bang, saw, sand, and drill their creative hearts out when this woodworking bus rolls into town!

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