Alexa & Carlos PenaVega Welcome Baby #3

Baby Rio joins the world and her two big brothers a month early.

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From Survival Mode to Thriving

“I remember that for so long I just got up day after day putting one foot in front of the other just doing but not really understanding where we were going or if it truly will get better. Just in survival mode really.”

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Mama, I See You

“I see your dedication. I see that you’re amazing. And I see that you’re doing a great job.”

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7 Toddler Gardening Activities Guaranteed to Keep Them Busy

“Let’s be clear: there will be no Better Homes & Gardens cover images from your backyard. But you’ll have something better than a pristine backyard: an occupied toddler!”

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I Had to Grow up Faster Than I Ever Imagined

“While my friends were out living their best lives, my life suddenly felt like I was parachuted into the middle of a dark jungle, expected to walk down a path I’ve never seen before. With no directions, no map, no flashlight, and definitely no tour guide.”

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To the Mom Going through a Diagnosis during a Global Pandemic

“While others are fighting for toilet paper off the shelves, and others are angry that their travel plans have come to halt, our worries become much bigger, and yet feel so little to the rest of the world.”

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The Unexpected Gift We Received This Year

“We could all focus on what wasn’t in 2020. We could focus on the loss, the pain, the suffering. It’s been here. For all of us. However, I won’t. I will choose to see the gift we got in 2020.”

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Whelp. We’ve Made It to Christmas

“It’s the time of year where one’s heart should grow three sizes and goodwill should be sprinkled like the curse words you use while trying to find the last-minute gift that your child decided was the gift of the year that you did not buy.”

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What to Say to Someone Who Experienced a Miscarriage

When someone you know or love suffers a miscarriage, you may feel lost and don’t know what to say or do. Read this to help guide you and help ease their pain.

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Practicing Imperfection

“The right choice is accepting your imperfections, not toxic perfection.”

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Ty Releases Limited-Edition Bear to Support United Way Worldwide COVID-19 Relief

100% of the profits from the original sale go to the United Way Worldwide COVID-19 Fund.

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We All Need This Pandemic Pick-Me-Up Poem Right Now

The world is a little wacky at the moment but this poem will help make it feel less so.

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Carson Daly Baby

Carson and Siri Daly Welcome Fourth Child

She joins proud siblings Jackson James (11), Etta Jones (7) and London Rose (5).

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How It Feels to Be the Mom of Kids That Are Being Bullied

“I want to tell you how it feels to stand by the door, waiting for the school bus, and praying, ‘Please, God, let him have had a good day,’ and knowing the answer two steps after he gets off the school bus.”

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These Viral Photos of a Mama Duck with 76 Adopted Ducklings Is Pure Sweetness

We’re pretty sure this mama duck has won Mom of the Year.

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Get a Grip! Loosen Your Grip on Motherhood

“Do you get bored with the work?” my son asked as I bustled around the kitchen, trying to get the kids through supper.
“What do you mean?” I responded. “Are you wondering if people ever get bored at their jobs?”…

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This Viral Post of Mom Helping Another Mom Finish Her Target Run Is the Best

We need more people being this awesome to each other in the world.

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Here’s How to Turn Leftover Holidays Cards Into a Beautiful Family Tradition

Each Christmas my family sends out about 100 Christmas cards to dear friends and loved ones. In return, we receive cards from loved ones.

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It’s the most fun time of the year to check the…

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Mattel Announces New Build-It-Yourself Robot!

Your little engineer is going to love this new tech-time toy.

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11 Reasons Why the End of the School Year Makes You Question Your Sanity

When the end of school rolls around you just can’t anymore.

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Smile! Fun Photo Exhibits Just for Kids

From nature to buildings, these photo exhibits are sure to capture your kiddos curiousity.

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5 Tips to End Your Parenting Juggle Struggle

Photo: Pink Pig Illustration
Many parents, especially women spend the majority of their day at the office putting out fires and completing projects and their evenings doing the same at home. Other women are solely career or family focused. Either…

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Some Days the Cape Doesn’t Fit

Photo: Andrea Avery
As of this very moment I am sitting in my bed for the second day of the row, praying that saltines will actually stay down. My husband-to-be has made me promise that I will not touch the…

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Hiding my Insecurities From my Daughter

Photo: Thomas Haslinger
While chatting with a close friend the other day, we started talking about the periods in our lives when we felt the most confident in ourselves. As I listened to her tell me about how she felt,…

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5 Reasons to Travel with Your Kids NOW

Photo: Global Munchkins
So many families wait until their children are in their teens before they really start exploring. Most parents believe it is either too difficult or too costly. Others simply think their kids won’t remember it, so why bother? Well, I am…

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Operation Toy Store

My son is being deployed to a birthday party this weekend, and we need to acquire a gift.  But the notion of trekking into a toy store, with my son in tow, is such a daunting thought.  Why does the…

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5 Great Spots for a Family Meal (Golden Arches & Rodent Mascots Not Included)

We’ve all been there: In an attempt to capture some semblance of your pre-kid lifestyle, you take your kiddos out for a meal hoping (praying) that they’ll behave themselves. And then, the tantrums begin, the restaurant doesn’t have a great…

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