And Then There Was One: End of Summer Preschool Camps

Check out these gymnastics, sports, and nature camps that are perfect for your youngest campers during the late summer.

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30 Reasons Why Preschoolers Are Awesome

Our favorite might be that they’ll tell you what’s up. Even if it’s downright embarrassing.

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Your Peppa Pig Lover Has a New Favorite Shoe & It’s Coming Soon

The second Reebok x Peppa Pig collection drops next week and it’s so cute!

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News Flash: Being Away from Your Baby Won’t Break Them

Turns out, all that “science” claiming attachment parenting will turn your little humans into happy adults isn’t actually true.

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The Fire Extinguisher Solution to Parenting

“I always mean well, but it doesn’t always end well. Unfortunately, my watery methods don’t always mix with my children’s sometimes oily troubles.”

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 An Education That Extends Beyond Borders

The International School provides a warm, multicultural environment where children are fully immersed in Spanish, Japanese, or Mandarin from preschool through 5th grade. Located in South Portland, TIS has provided students with a multicultural education for 30 years.

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Delaying Preschool or Daycare Because of COVID-19? Here’s What to Do at Home

“With the onset of COVID-19, many parents have been forced to delay their toddler’s entry into daycare or preschool. Here are things you can do with your child to help mimic what they would learn and be more prepared when you are ready to send them.”

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You Need This Teacher-Created Subscription Box for Your Preschooler

This awesome resource was developed in response to the pandemic.

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Toys that Will Keep the Kids Busy for Hours

This series of toys will not only check off the boxes of qualities listed above, they will also stand the test of time.

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A Different Kind of Grief

“We aren’t physically suffering a loss. We suffer the loss of a dream we had. We have missed expectations and missed experiences.”

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Baby Shark's Big Show!

Nickelodeon Announces Cast for “Baby Shark’s Big Show!”

The new animated series will debut with an original holiday special.

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Get into the Spirit with Nickelodeon’s “Nickmas” Lineup

The premiere of “Baby Shark’s Big Show!” is finally here!

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Mira Royal Detective Diwali

Celebrate Diwali with “Mira, Royal Detective”

Disney Junior released a new dance tutorial as well.

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Raising Anti-Racists: The Work Starts with Me

“My job in raising these white boys is to give them the education to know what racism is, not only so that they can see the privilege that surrounds them, but so that they can do everything they can to stop the injustices happening in our world.”

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25 Signs You’re an LA Parent (with Very LA Kids)

How many of these LA parent moments have you experienced—from bundling up the kids when it’s a brisk 60 degrees out to owning the latest “it” lunch box?

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“True and the Rainbow Kingdom” Returns to Netflix With New Special

The special encourages children to explore the true meaning of friendship.

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Kristen Bell’s Favorite Tiny Chef Is Coming to Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon recently gave the greenlight to move forward with The Tiny Chef Show for the network. 

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Baby Shark

Baby Shark Is Coming to Nickelodeon

Meet new friends and sing original catchy tunes along the way. 

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Disney Learning

Learn Alongside Mickey, Goofy, Buzz Lightyear & More

Disney Learning is releasing 50 free educational pages from the Magical Adventures Workbooks series.

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JohnKrasinski - Brown Univeristy

John Krasinski to Host Virtual Graduation Ceremony

The graduation is for all graduates from preschool to law school.

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This Preschool Teacher’s Cough Pocket Tutorial Is Genius

She demonstrates coughing and sneezing into her bent elbow.

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Adorable Easter Bunny Items You Can Find on Amazon

Show some bunny how much you care with these festive Easter basket filler ideas.

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The First Day of School Made Me Call My Mom and Tell Her This

This past week, both my ladies went back to school: Preschool for Harper and law school for Lacey. Originally, I was writing a hilariously witty column about how Lacey and I were so busy that we forgot to take a picture…

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Beyond the Tiara: Disney Princess Culture and Gender Stereotypes

Photo: Free Digital photos
A research study about Disney princesses? Now this is research we can really use in our daily lives as parents. As a mom of boys, I have secretly been relieved that I didn’t have to go through the…

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The Subtle Beauty of Child Development

Photo: http://www.stpaulscheney.org/preschool.html
There is has been a lot of talk in the media recently about rigorous, academic preschools meant to ensure a child’s future academic (if not career) success. First, there was the story of the woman in New York who sued a preschool…

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jokes for kids kids laughing happy funny puns and jokes for kids

8 Awesome Classes Perfect for Preschoolers

Check out this list of awesome only in D.C. adventures where you can spend quality family time as your preschooler rubs elbows with zoo animals, and professional singers or actors.

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Mom Guilt. From One Full-Time Working Mom to Another

“Because I understand that sometimes you show up to work looking like you were attacked by a flock of geese because the kids couldn’t find their shoes, you gave someone the wrong color bowl and then forgot to take Sleepy Bear to the babysitter.”

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Put a Lid on It: Make Anything into a Hat

Our staff shared some hilarious pics of their kids with all kinds of common household items on their heads in honor of National Hat Day.

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My Daughter’s Anxiety Kept Her from Speaking

When I finally looked up what could possibly be wrong with my daughter, the description fit her exactly. I felt horrible guilt for battling with her instead of trying to support her.

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Dear Cancer: A Mother’s Answer to the Unanswered Questions

Photo: Robin L. Reynolds
I remember the day my heart was broken. It was in the early morning hours of May 12th. Wearing the baggy pink sweatpants I purchased the night before, I sat in a stiff vinyl hospital chair.…

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