The Best Places to Shop Online for Kids Glasses

Your kiddo needs glasses and you just had some major sticker shock. We checked out several online options for you, that will still get you great glasses for way less.

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The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids (& Their Grownups)

Protect your peepers with a pair of blue light glasses!

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16 “Hidden” Costco Membership Perks & Hacks You Need to Know About

In addition to steep discounts on your fave products, here’s what else you can get with your Costco membership.

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Find Kid’s Glasses That Are Affordable, Durable and Stylish with Zenni

Zenni Optical online offers hundreds of cool specs for kids of all ages, delivered to your door.

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Akili ADHD

FDA Approves First Prescription Video Game for Kids with ADHD

EndeavorRx is indicated to improve attention function.

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Costco Prescription Delivery

Instacart & Costco Are Now Delivering Prescriptions Nationwide

Select a delivery time and receive your order as fast as same-day. 

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shopping cart

Walmart & Nextdoor Launch New ‘Neighbors Helping Neighbors’ Program

This initiative makes it easier for neighbors across the country to help one another.

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CVS Pharmacy Celebrates Moms by Giving Free Cards to Customers

CVS wants to ensure that no mom goes card-less this Mother’s Day.

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The One Thing Parents Forget to Check Before School Starts

Before the new school year officially starts, these are a few reasons why it’s important to keep your children’s eyesight in mind before heading back to school.

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Parents of ADHD Children: Here Are Some Things to Consider

Whether your child was diagnosed, or you suspect they may have ADHD, here are some things to consider.

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This New FDA-Approved ADHD Treatment Is Drug-Free

This new device could treat ADHD without medication.

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CVS Adds Video Visits to 7 More States, So You Can See a Doc from Your Phone

Forget the drive to urgent care—just grab your phone.

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There Aren’t Enough EpiPens to Go Around & Some Kids Can’t Go to School

A major EpiPen shortage means many kids with life-threatening allergies have to miss school—here’s why.

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Kids Getting Sick? Tell Them to Stop Washing Their Hands (& Do This Instead)

If you don’t want your kids to miss school, you should use this method instead.

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Play Time Is Just What the Doctor Ordered—Literally

A new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests kids need prescription play time.

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The FDA Has Approved Generic EpiPens & This Is Huge for Kids with Allergies

This news is a literal life-saver for thousands of children.

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Here’s What Too Much Screen Time Can Do to Your Kids’ Eyes, According to Doctors

There’s a time and a place for screen time, but eye doctors are seeing an alarming trend in children’s vision.

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Why Your Pediatrician Should Give Your Kids a Prescription for Fruits & Veggies

An apple a day keeps the doctor away—especially when it has its own Rx slip.

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Is It Safe to Give Your Baby Teething Medicine? The FDA Issues New Warning

Your little love feeling the pain of those very first chompers breaking through. You want to do everything you can to make them feel better. Right? And that may involve using a numbing gel on their precious little gums. But…

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Why Moms Feel All the Emotions—& That’s Okay

It’s almost midnight and I think I’ve cried at least three times today. The first time was this morning, up bright and early at the pediatrician’s office. I’d made an appointment the night before when my daughter was up coughing…

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Warby Parker kids line

Warby Parker Launches New Kids Eyewear Collection, Perfect for Your Hipster Half-Pint

These glasses take twinning to a whole new level of chic-dom.

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Here’s Which States Are Being Hit Hardest By the Flu Epidemic

The 2018 flu season is officially an epidemic.

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This Common OTC Drug Taken During Pregnancy Could Increase Your Child’s Asthma Risk

Pregnant women who take antacids need to read this latest research.

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The FDA Has an Important Warning for Parents During Cough & Cold Season

These new warnings follow an extensive FDA review of data.

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The Doc (as in, McStuffins) Will See You Now at Discovery Cube

The doc will see you now, as Doc McStuffins fabulous new interactive exhibit opens in LA!

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You’ll Totally Identify With This Video About “Mom Fun”

This YouTube video tells a hilariously true version of what really happens when you have kids.

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Taking Care of Sick Kids Just Got Much Easier Thanks to Instacart

This new delivery service will make life with sick kids so much easier.

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What Would Kermit the Frog Do?

Photo: Deposit Photo
I miss Kermit the Frog. Kermit was all about leading with optimism and making the best of hard times. He genuinely believed everyone had something to offer — something to contribute for the greater good.
He saw…

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How I Explained To My Son Why Some of His Friends Take Medication for School

Photo: Tyler Jacobson
When my son entered the ninth grade — high school in this part of the country — he met a whole new crowd of people. While the exposure to new friends did wonders for him, he also…

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FDA Orders Antibacterials Removed From Consumer Soaps

Photo: Pixabay
Antibacterial soaps will soon disappear from store shelves under orders from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The FDA claims that they provide no benefits over regular soap. In the announcement Friday, the FDA states that soap manufacturers…

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Weekends & Family Time, A Blast From The Past

It was music to my ears when the bell would ring each Friday afternoon at William Winchester Elementary.  All of my classmates would be telling each other “have a good weekend”, or “see you next week”.  The weekend meant anything…

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Does Motherhood Mean Embracing Denial?

I am about to confess to something awful. Five years ago (actually even two years ago) I would have judged myself harshly for what I’m about to say. But here goes…
I find the world outside of my tiny bubble…

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Knock, Knock: 6 Home Delivery Services to Try

You’re a lean, mean errand-running machine. But doing the car seat shuffle day in and day out can get a little old. Take a break from life’s crazy dance, stick around the house, and get the jobs done using delivery…

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