Ditch the Mom Guilt & Take a Day Off

“I hope to replace my striving for constant productivity with a new truth: my work will remain incomplete, but that doesn’t mean I’ve failed as a mother. In fact, it means I’m learning to live a more purposeful life.”

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11 Things Every Mom Learns with Her Second Child

If you’re considering a second child, here’s what to expect. And if you’re a mom of two, you’ll find solidarity in these two-kid truths.

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A Simply Complicated Life

“It’s okay to be a stay-at-home mom and miss the busyness and productivity of the workforce. It’s also okay to be a working mom and miss the quiet morning snuggles and afternoons at the park.”

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5 Ways Parents Can Beat Back-to-School Burnout

“As we progress into these next few months and return back to school and the looming holiday crunch time, it is essential, now more than ever, to establish healthy strategies to manage our daily mama stressors.”

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work from home

Care.com Survey Reveals What Is on the Minds of Working Parents

Parents shared how they are feeling about juggling their child care responsibilities with work responsibilities.

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remote work

FlexJobs Highlights Top 30 Companies Hiring for Flexible Schedule Jobs

A flexible schedule job allows workers to be in control of the hours they work.

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Creating Great Study Spaces for Students

“Creating a study space that promotes learning, boosts confidence and produces positive feelings towards education can be one of the most cost-effective, easy solutions we can implement to enhance our children’s education.”

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Could This New Product Help Prevent Food Allergies?

What you need to know about the rising trend of food allergies and how you may be able to prevent them in your kids.

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Here’s Why Halloween Should Be Moved to the Last Saturday of October

“Halloween is arguably the most kid-focused holiday of the entire year, and we observe it on a school night eight out of every 10 years.”

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We Have to Stop Shaming Stay-at-Home Moms because It’s NOT Okay

For the sake of the children, let’s stop the shaming.

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How to Rock Being a Working Parent Like a Boss

Every working parenting can find something useful out of this list.

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6 Secrets to Achieving Meaningful & Productive Parenting

Dad comes strolling in the door after a long day of work. Mom welcomes him with a smile, dressed in an attractive outfit (no, not those pajama sweats). The house is in order, everything in its place (sort of like…

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Here’s How 4 Tomatoes a Day Can Make You a More Productive Parent

I worked with a wise business coach a couple years back; she, like me, ran a dance studio, but was also a mother. I trusted her experience in helping me figure out how to be smart Boss Lady, as I…

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The One Thing Every Productive Parent Has in Common With Each Other

At times it seems as though my parenting mode is simply “survival mode.” I start off running but by the afternoon my productivity starts slipping. I am ready to throw in the towel on everything, but then, backup arrives. As…

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An Ambitious Parent’s Recipe for Successful Productivity

I know, I know… Call me Super Mom (my own mom does) or Wonder Woman (I told the kids I am), but even I know I can’t keep up this pace for long. Here is my secret (shhhh!): balance. “Everything…

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Does Working from Starbucks Make You More Productive? It’s Not Just the Caffeine

Taking your work to your local Starbucks could boost your problem-solving abilities.

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5 Ways to Master Working From Home

Five years ago I quit my full time job that I’d been at for 17 years. It was my comfort zone. A safe place to land every day when my kids were little and I had no idea what I…

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How to (Actually) Work from Home with a Baby

Photo: Giu Vicente
 Working from home with a little one can be challenging. When juggling baby’s needs with your normal work schedule, it hard to get much done in a day.
There’s no magic formula for making everything fall into…

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Don’t Go, Mom

Photo: RealMomsWingingIt.com
Like many moms, we are almost always on the go.
Last year I faced big challenges and stress and have been recovering after making some life-changing compromises.

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I often encourage my kids to go do…

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Motherhood In The Age Of Social Media

Wouldn’t you love to feel even more inadequate as a mother? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all of your worst fears about your competence as a parent confirmed? How would you like to have every person you have ever…

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Happy Mom Tip #12: Take a Break

In today’s hyperbusy world, most people don’t take real breaks. “We are poisoned by the hypnotic belief,” writes Wayne Muller in his inspirational book Sabbath, “that good things come only through unceasing determination and tireless effort—and so we can never…

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