This Fun Learning App Helps Families Prevent Summer Slide

After an unusual school year (to say the least!) summer can’t come soon enough. And now, more than ever, parents are leaning on educational apps to tackle learning loss, aka the “summer + COVID slide.” Lingokids, an awesome playlearning™ app…

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Helping Kids & Teens Understand Alzheimer’s Disease

“How you can help your kids better understand Alzheimer’s and how the disease will change their relationship with the affected relative.”

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7 Ways to Help Close COVID-19 Learning Gaps

We found several strategies and resources that are perfect for kids who’ve struggled during this past year.

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To the Mother of a Child with a Disability This Mother’s Day

“Some of you may have never even heard your child call you ‘Mom.’ But they know you are Mom.”

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Mama, I See You

“I see your dedication. I see that you’re amazing. And I see that you’re doing a great job.”

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5 Things I Wish I Had Known about Life with Autism

“I wish I could go back to myself on that day with my tear-filled eyes and fill myself in on a little of what I’ve learned so far.”

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To the Mom Alone in the Dark, I’ll Sit with You

“​​​​​​​If you’re a parent of a special needs child, a new parent, or a lost parent and you find yourself in the dark literally or figuratively, know that I understand you.”

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mom and son in a field

There Is No Room for Shame Here

“I’m not ashamed of autism and you shouldn’t be either because it’s not about a diagnosis. It’s about the person.”

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mom and baby

How My Son’s Diagnosis Taught Me More about Myself

“My entire life was changed two years ago by one word. But it’s the best change that could have happened to me.”

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Let Lucky Foods Inspire Your Meals this Year!

“Looking for some food inspiration? Take a look at these foods that are supposed to bring good luck in the New Year?”

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8 Super Fun Santa Trackers to Track the Big Man on Christmas Eve

These kids Santa trackers let your little elves follow jolly Old St. Nick on his gift-giving world tour this Christmas Eve.

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21 Family Photo Ideas You Can Totally Pull Off

Think outside the box with these adorable and kooky ideas.

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Read Every Parenting Book You Can—Then Toss Them All in the Trash

Photo: Sonal Patel-Saraiya
There’s a certain lure to self-help books. Especially if you’re anything like me. I’m always on the quest for more knowledge, always the perpetual student. 
I’m always either trying to constantly look for ways to better myself…

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12 Calming Things to Tell Yourself (Before You Totally Lose It!)

Enough with the mom guilt. This is what you need to be telling yourself every day.

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This New Series Might Hold the Secret to Literacy in Early Learners

It was developed by a reading and literary specialist.

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Why I Think We Should Go Back to Simpler Times

It might surprise most people to know that through most of human history we were hunter-gatherers. For tens of thousands of years we travelled in small bands of “Sapiens,” foraging for our food.
In fact, it wasn’t until the “Agricultural…

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babies tablet

Listen to Build-A-Bear Radio’s Story Time Featuring HarperCollins Children’s Book Authors

Tune in to hear your favorite authors read excerpts from their new books.

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How to Teach Your Kids to Save Money for Emergencies

“The next time you run out of stay-at-home activities to keep the family busy, take some time to work with your kids on managing their money—it pays off in the long run.”

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GigaPets Are Back & They’re Better Than Ever

Your favorite digital pets are back with upgrades for 2020.

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Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells

New “Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells” Mobile Game Releases Trailer

The game will feature match-3 style puzzles and daily event challenges.

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boy with book

Scholastic Read-a-Palooza Supports Literacy at Home While Schools are Closed

This free digital program provides engaging content to keep your kids motivated.

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Setting Goals and Establishing Healthy Habits of Learning

“Goal setting is an important skill for kids to have. If they are actually motivated by a goal, they’ll get real-world practice at monitoring, controlling, and changing their own behaviors.”

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When Your Teen Has Supergirl Syndrome

“As they push to achieve and accomplish, to reach their goals and to make their mark, they are going to need our help to explore the superpower alternatives so they can find a better balance and most importantly, their true identity.”

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Parent to a Special Needs Child? Hear What This Doc Has to Say

We sat down with Raquel Nieves, MD, of Stanford Children’s Health and Bayside Medical Group to talk about special needs children in her practice, including those with Down syndrome.

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Escape Room

Get Lost At The Smithsonian with TEG Virtual Field Trips

Players progress through games by uncovering clues and solving puzzles.

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LEGOLAND’s New Pirate Island Hotel Will Open with a Daredevil Stunt

A famous stuntman is getting ready to “walk the plank.”

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This Study Shows the Stress Working Parents Face Could Actually Cost Them Their Jobs

Working parents face the difficult choice between wanting to take on more at work and being present for their family.

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4 Tips for Setting Family Goals

“Make the most of the New Year by making resolutions as a family. Involve your kids in the process—it could be so successful this could become your next family tradition!”

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Ryan Reynolds Shares First Pic of New Baby & One Important Detail

The actor shared a sweet family pic and a clue as to his new baby’s gender.

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This Is Where You Can See the Best Fall Foliage

You won’t want to miss these incredible colors.

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