Virtual Kindergarten Readiness Works, According to New Study

The Ohio State University innovated with a four week remote program for Pre-K kids.

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remote work

Check out the Top 100 Companies Hiring for Remote Jobs Right Now

FlexJobs annual list also highlights fast-growing careers for remote jobs.

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girl writing

Barnes & Noble Launches National Children’s Short Story Contest

Fifteen select entrants will be published in a book sold exclusively at Barnes & Noble this holiday season.

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Duff Goldman Announces First Cookbook for Kids

His new cookbook will feature 35 of the gooiest, chewiest easiest-to-follow recipes ever.

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Josh Gad Returns in New “Olaf At Home” Digital Series

Olaf is warming up all our hearts in this new collection of new vignetters.

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Woman cradling pregnant belly

Study Says Mushrooms May Help Alleviate Pregnancy Hypertension

There may be a new way to help treat preeclampsia.

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An Easy Way To Have Fun & Benefit Oregon Education

Feeling lucky? Pick up an Oregon Lottery ticket and see what happens! Whether or not you win big, you’ll be supporting local public education.

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This $10 Tool Promises to Stop Itchy Bug Bites

Could this be the solution you’ve been itching for?

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This School District Adopted a Four-Day School Week, but Does It Work?

Would you like to see a four-day week at your school?

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This Vaccine Could Eradicate Zika, Thanks to Promising New Research

The days of the Zika virus could be numbered—and that’s a good thing.

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Target to Expand Same-Day Delivery Option for TONS More Items in 2019

Shopping is about to get a whole lot faster with same-day delivery at Target.

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Another Step Forward in Creating a Birth Control Pill for Men

Science is ready for a new type of birth control.

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A Second Uterus Transplant Baby Has Been Born in the US & It’s Incredible

The possibilities from this successful birth are huge.

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Could a Blood Test Diagnose Autism Earlier in Kids? New Research Is Encouraging

More research is needed to reproduce their findings, but autism researchers’ early findings could be a medical game-changer.

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Motivating Your Kids to Take Risks Makes Them Less Anxious, New Study Finds

It seems completely counter-intuitive, but science says otherwise.

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12 Things I Wish I Could Go Back in Time & Tell Myself Before I Had Kids

You’ll have entire days where you don’t look in the mirror.

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CVS Just Took a Huge Step to Combat Photoshopped Beauty Standards

Drugstore giant CVS is setting new standards for beauty imagery.

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No More Booster Shots? How Science Is Changing Vaccinations

Researchers are working on an alternative to booster shots which could be a huge game changer for kids around the world.

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Whole Foods Is Cutting Prices & Amazon Prime Members Will Be Getting Even Bigger Discounts

Get ready for a “whole” new shopping experience at Whole Foods.

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This Incredible High Tech Coloring Pad for Kids Makes Saving Art Easy

This new notebook will keep your kids’ artwork in the cloud rather than all over your house.

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Former NFL Star Shares the Best Advice on Parenting Athletes

This pro athlete is offering some wise words for parents of young athletes.

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Volvo Announces All Its Cars Will Be Electric or Hybrid

If you’re in the market for a good, safe car and want to minimize your carbon footprint, you might want to consider a Volvo.

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This Doll Will Help Your Child Sleep (Really)

photo: Lulla Doll/ Facebook
When you’re a sleep-deprived mombie you’ll try pretty much anything to get your tot to stop bouncing off the walls and just go to sleep. If that describes your current situation to a “T”, then you’re…

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Daily Challenges оf Being a Blended Fаmily

What is a blended family?

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Whеn promising соuрlеѕ еаgеr to ѕtаrt a fresh from thе ruinous ѕhаmblеѕ оf a previous lifе, hitсh оntо еасh оthеr to form a unifуing whоlе, they mау bе escorted bу…

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Surviving the School Holidays with NO PLAN?!

Photo: WellspringCS
Dawn has well and truly broken; in fact it is already mid-morning on the first day of the week long mid-term break. My now regretful brief glance at Social Media earlier today achieved nothing other than allow me…

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Turkey Trots and What Not: My Attempt at Creating Healthier Thanksgiving Day Traditions

Photo: Jen Setteducato
Unless you consider heated arguments and empty Budweiser cans a Thanksgiving Day tradition, I wouldn’t say that I’ve experienced much of it at my house growing up. Not that I didn’t look forward to mom’s delicious dinner…

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There Went Santa Claus

Photo: Annmarie Kelly-Harbaugh
We have not visited Santa this year. We have entered no shopping malls, paid for no photographs, and endured not one single moment of waiting in any faux wonderland.
Instead, as is the tradition in this merry…

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A New App for Finding Family Adventures: CreativeCity

This new Bay Area family adventuring app dreamt up by a busy mom is sure to become your favorite go-to download.

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Explore: CuriOdyssey and Playground in San Mateo

Take the kids to CuriOdyssey (formerly known as the Coyote Point Museum) and the nearby Magic Mountain playground, and you’ll find yourself promising to take them back. The museum is chock full of activities (many of them indoors) that will…

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The Sugar Cereal Shakedown

Grocery shopping must be one of the least enjoyable activities people are required to do. Based on people’s expressions, you would think that they were waiting in line at the DMV instead of buying apples and milk. A majority of…

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