All the Things Teachers Really Want This Year

Skip the coffee mugs and crayon artwork, these classroom supplies are in high-demand this school year.

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mother hugging child

The Most Important Thing Our Kids Need from Us

“There is no secret sauce to parenting, there is not a magic ingredient. But this one thing always remains consistent.”

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How to Raise Eco-Conscious Kids

“There’s no better time than Earth Day to show kids that creating a sustainable planet starts at the grass-roots level.”

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Friends in the World of a Special Needs Mom

“I appreciate even more that I have found a few amazingly supportive, truly genuine friends. The ones who check in on me when I haven’t been heard from in a few days, just to make sure I’m doing ok.”

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This Train-tastic Netflix Series Is Preschooler & Parent Approved!

This exciting Netflix original preschool series is back for season two with eight new action and friendship-packed episodes, including Valentine’s Day Episode, CHUG-A-LOVE DAY.

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How Long Do Parents Lose Sleep After Having a Kid? You Should Probably Sit Down

We’re honestly amazed you’re even awake right now to read this.

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3 Reasons We Love Amazon Kids+

Amazon Kids+ is an all-in-one subscription that gives kids access to thousands of kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, Audible books and games!

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See In Black

Black Photographers Share Powerful Images in Honor of Juneteenth

All proceeds will go to support a larger mission affecting Black Americans.

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10 Things Every Parent Needs to Hear

While there are plenty of positive phrases available to help boost your kids’ self-confidence, it’s the self-care ideas for parents that sometimes take a back seat.

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How Much Time Should Kids Spend with Their Grandparents?

Photo: http://www.littlefolksbigquestions.com
How does one match expectations for grandparents with their adult children about frequency and duration of visits with their grandchildren?
Like all relationships, the dynamic between generations is complicated and only becomes more so as new members are…

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Can Your Baby Understand Counting? New Research Says Yes

New research finds that children may understand the concept of counting much earlier than the preschool years.

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The New Interactive Nerf Challenge Is Like “American Ninja Warrior” for Kids

This is Nerf like you’ve never experienced it before. The tour kicks off this December and you won’t want to miss it!

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Get These Hot Summer Travel Deals Before They Disappear

Still looking to book that summer vacay? Act fast!

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Work/Life Balance Is a Myth. This Is What We Should Be Talking About Instead

There is a misconception in the corporate world that “balance” exists, and our lives would be better if we could just achieve it. I’m here to tell you that concept is a myth.

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trader joe's

Why Do We Love Trader Joe’s So Much? It’s All a Clever Mind Game

The beloved grocery store has some big tricks up their sleeves.

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Parent Controls, Plus More Reasons to Love the Fire Kids Edition Tablet

Kids love tablets, but parents worry about screen time. Thankfully, Amazon makes the whole family happy with the Fire Kids Edition Tablet, the go-to device with a little something for everyone.
Take advantage of Amazon’s current deal and get your …

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New IVF Treatment Promises No More Needles & It’s Pretty Incredible

With the hundreds of needles involved, this new IVF treatment could be huge.

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Now Open: An Eatery for Cookie Dough Lovers

Thanks to the opening of a gourmet edible cookie dough parlor in Arlington, you can have your cookie dough and eat it too!

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Incredible New Research Reveals That Babies Know How to Count—at Birth

Some scientists believe that humans are born with the ability to order quantities from left to right.

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The First Full-Service Baby Food Delivery Company Is Launching Nationwide

This new company is about to change the way you feed your baby.

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Toy Rotation Made My Life So Much Easier… Here’s How to Do It

Here’s how to deal with your child’s growing toy collection without surrendering precious floor space or cruelly throwing out half your child’s possessions.

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A Tribute To All Of The Moms In My Life

Just when you thought the Mother’s Day posts had to be done, here’s yet another…
What started as a Facebook post ended in a realization…there are soooooo many mothers who have impacted my life, who have taught me how to be a…

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My Struggles with Mom Guilt and the Need to Overcompensate

Photo: my husband, Joe
It’s not uncommon for me to overbook my weekends. Sounds familiar? In fact, I do it often and the result is always the same stress and anxiety that I unnecessarily put on myself. Last Saturday was…

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Just Opened: Monkei Miles Kids’ Consignment

San Francisco’s newest resale clothing boutique, Monkei Miles, offers a well-cuarated shopping experience on par with the prettiest retail shops.

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See the Results After Teacher Installed Pedaling Desks in Classroom For Students

We can appreciate any teacher uses some imagination to help students. Bethany Lambeth, who teaches math at Martin Middle School in Raleigh, North Carolina, did just that. Ms. Lambeth installed pedaling bikes underneath the students desks hoping it would channel…

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RECALL ALERT! Frozen Vegetables Recall, Including Target Brand and Many Others

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced a voluntary recall of some mixed vegetables and frozen peas distributed nationwide. The National Frozen Foods Corp. of Seattle is voluntarily recalling a limited quantity of Not-Ready-To Eat frozen green peas and…

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RECALL! Quaker Quinoa Granola Bars May Contain Listeria

The Quaker Oats Company announced a voluntary recall of a small quantity of Quaker Quinoa Granola Bars after an ingredient supplier was found to have distributed sunflower kernels that may be contaminated with Listeria.
The vast majority of potentially…

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Greetings! Holiday Card Design & Delivery Services to Try

Sit down and click your way to the perfect holiday card. These sites do it all with style.

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Go On a Wild Parrot Safari in Brooklyn

Did you know Brooklyn is home to bright green Monk parakeets? Here, you’ll discover where and when you can find these unusual urban birds.

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Beyond The Cake: Birthday Party Sweets That Wow

Another birthday party, another helping of sheet cake… We say, no way! Break out of the pan with these birthday treats that leave cake in the dust.

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