birthday cake 18

To My Son, on Your 18th Birthday

“Out of all the little boys in the world, how did I get the very best one?”

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Octobo's Big City Adventure

New Interactive Storybook “Octobo’s Big City Adventure” Available in Time for the Holidays

The storybook features the national award-winning plush robot, Octobo.

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14 Ways to Ensure Your Kids Make It through a COVID-19 School Year

“Here are some of the ways to ensure that our kids are safe, but that they also still enjoy school and make the most of their time there.”

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What’s Wrong With the Education System? And How Do We Fix It?

Photo: 1. Maren Winter 2. biker3
When any system grows too big, it begins to break down. This is evidenced all around us. The education system, various systems of religion, the healthcare system, the justice system, the banking system, the…

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18 Easy Ways to Boost the Backyard Fun Factor

Add these to your backyard and the kids won’t want to come in when you call!

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10 Ways to Spend More Time Together This Summer

Summertime and the family activities are easy!

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Turn the Subtitles on to Make TV a Learning Tool for Your Kids

Here’s how to get your kids reading while still letting them load up on their favorite shows.

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Parents of Littles: These Tips Put Your Kids on the Right Path to Success

Your child’s academic success begins at home. These strategies help prepare your child for the classroom and stretch the long-term capacity of his or her mind.

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Kids Love to Read When Animals are the Audience

Photo: BigStock Photo
For kids who don’t like to read, reading aloud can be stressful. Maybe they read slowly, or sound choppy, or just have trouble recognizing the words. When a child is anxious about reading and lacks confidence, it…

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You are here.

Have you ever noticed that there’s no sense of contentedness when you’re a parent? You barely make your way home from the hospital before people are already asking you when you’re planning to have your next. I can distincly remember…

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Bon Appetit! Best Cooking Schools for Kids

Does your tiny tot prefer cooking to cartoons? If so, then one of these D.C.-area cooking classes might just turn your little one into a true culinary wizard.

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Tutoring Resources for Your Little Einsteins

While we have fallen back into our routines of play dates, morning drop-offs and after school activities, reestablishing that nightly homework rhythm can be little tricky. Whether your scholars need a little brush up to catch up or they have…

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