5 Life Lessons I Learned From Gardening

“Even if you’re not inclined to gardening, the following life lessons still hold meaning both in and out of the garden.”

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It’s Okay to Be an Okay Mom

“I give my all to everything, every day. Even when it means that my ‘all’ is making breakfast for dinner three nights in a row and missing a work deadline.”

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How to Use Social Media Without Judging Yourself—or Your Kids

Photo: Christina Furnival via Real Life Mama
Who uses social media? 
*Counts sea of hands* 

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Do you ever notice how social media can mess with our understanding of our individual children’s developmental paths? We often…

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mother daughter hike

There Is No Silver Bullet to Healing from Trauma

“Being a parent is freakin’ hard. We are challenged to be our best selves while raising better versions of who we became.”

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Hitting Rock Bottom

“I remember how awful I felt, just rotting from the inside out, from an infectious case of persistent guilt and shame. Vodka in my coffee cup would surely, at least temporarily, mute the deafening screams of reality.”

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Is America Returning to Normal? The Proof Is in the Pudding

With a return to normal slowly becoming a reality, American’s shopping patterns are telling a unique story. It’s no secret that over the past year, everyone’s shopping habits changed drastically, but the biggest indicator that we are turning a corner…

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I Knew My Kids Needed to Have Siblings but We Got So Much More

“All siblings are special and their bonds should be celebrated. But, the bond of a special needs sibling is like no other. It is simple and patient and kind.”

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11 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Step-Parent

Photo: Skitterphoto via Pexels.com
For a lot of parents, the idea of becoming a step-parent would be out of the question. But for many others, when the love for a partner and their kids is so great, you don’t question…

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Dylan Dreyer Helps Kiddos Explore Their Feelings in Her New Book

TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer is now a children’s book author too!

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Dear Potential Future Parents, Here are the Pros & Cons of Having Kids

“I always wanted to have kids, I always dreamed of being a mother and having a family one day, but the reality versus the vision of motherhood and family life are so drastically different it is kind of comical.”

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When You Are All Alone, Sitting in the Dark

“I’ll sit with you in the dark when the sadness of, ‘Why my kid?’ slowly turns to the anger of, ‘Why not my kid?’ and you realize how important inclusion and acceptance are.

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Reality’s Edge: Seattle’s Newest (& Coolest) Place for Family Fun

Add a whole new dimension to your family’s adventures at Seattle’s newest virtual reality studio.

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mom and baby

How My Son’s Diagnosis Taught Me More about Myself

“My entire life was changed two years ago by one word. But it’s the best change that could have happened to me.”

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My Spectrum Superhero

“I realized superheroes aren’t just a reality in his world, they are a reality in mine as well. In my world, there lives the strongest, most benevolent superhero of all—his name is Murphy and he’s my son.”

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Listen Up! 7 Podcasts LA Moms Need to Download Now

Our favorite, binge-worthy podcasts, all by LA moms.

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How to Make a Vision Board with Kids

Make your family goals a reality with our easy-peasy vision board tutorial.

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How to Ease the Long-Term Stress-Related Toll From COVID on Kids

“Let’s shift the narrative to one that both puts the well-being of parents first and provides children what they need during stressful and normal times.”

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Here’s How Much Elsa’s Palace Would Cost in Real Life

The eight bedroom castle is fit for a queen!

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zoom call

FlexJobs Survey Finds Working Parents Had to Quit or Reduce Their Hours Since the Pandemic

The survey highlights the critical need for flexible work accommodations.

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No Birth Plan Includes the NICU: What to Do If You Find Yourself There

“No parent imagines themselves navigating the NICU until it actually happens, but my hope is that from the journey we walked, I can help another mom or dad prepare for what navigating the NICU might look like.”

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It’s Time to Let Go of the Ideal & Parent for Real

“Do we hold kids precious and protect them from this reality, or do we help them to navigate within and adapt to it? Which will help them to thrive more in the long term? My vote: Let go of ‘ideal’ and parent for real.”

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6 Senior Caregiving Tips in the Time of COVID-19

“Under normal circumstances, the challenges faced by family caregivers are already substantial. During a pandemic, they are unprecedented.”

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How to Teach Children Compassion

“By choosing to parent with presence and consciousness you are providing an opportunity for your child to learn to be a conscious individual. You are providing a framework for healthy, ecologically responsible, spiritually connected living.”

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How Raising Teens Made Me a Better Human

The litany of challenges facing teens in today’s modern culture mocks the floodwaters of generations past. Public is the new private for adolescents. Hard to fathom swimming in such shark infested waters when already weighed down by insecurities, body changes,…

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Tips to Curb the Coronavirus Academic Slide

Helpful tips on how to successfully lean into your child’s new homeschool reality.

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Finish Your Degree Online with the University of Washington

As a parent, you know life presents its share of challenges and the best laid plans often go awry. Even goals like finishing your degree can become derailed when the needs of family and kiddos come first.
The University of…

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Here’s What Life Would Look Like If You Actually Got Enough Sleep

It’s National Napping Day and since we know you won’t get a chance to sleep it off, we’re going to distract you from your exhaustion for a few minutes.

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