7 Tips for Talking to Kids about LGBTQ

“Even at an early age you can teach the value of empathy and respect for others, as well as open the door for any future conversations regarding their own identity.”

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American Girl Vacations Sound Like Our Best Trip Idea Yet

You can go to NYC with Rebecca or Hawaii with Nanea!

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Laurie Berkner is Spreading the Love with a Special Valentine’s Concert

Children’s musician Laurie Berkner has been busy. Not only is she getting ready to drop her 14th album, but she’s also gearing up for a special Valentine’s Day concert!
Airing on Feb. 14, Berkner will host two Valentine’s Day Live…

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Who Needs the Department of Education?

Photo: biker3
Once when I was traveling with my mother, we met a woman from Australia and discovered that, despite the fact that we all spoke English, we still had cultural differences. My mother told her about this wonderful vest…

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Sports donuts

Krispy Kreme Celebrates Sports with Limited Edition Sports Dozen

Customers can receive the offer at participating shops via carryout or drive-thru. 

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Straight A Dozen

Krispy Kreme Celebrates Educator Appreciation Week

All educators will receive a free doughnuts.

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The Broadway League Announces Fall Performance Cancellations

Tickets for early 2021 to go on sale in the coming weeks.

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family computer

These Kid-Friendly Playlists will Help You to Talk About Equity

YouTube Kids has curated a playlist about how to talk to kids about racial injustice based on their age.

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How to Create Calm during a Pandemic

“The impact of the lockdown on your family’s mental health, particularly children, may be devastating—here’s how to help your children cope with the anxiety linked to coronavirus.”

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How to Travel With an Infant

We have had the opportunity to travel a lot while we were living in China. We were so lucky to be so close to so many great places to visit. (Gotta love those frequent flyer miles!)   When we had Samantha we…

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Couple in restaurant

Dating.com Releases a Guide for Single Parents Looking to Find a Partner

The online dating site is helping single parents find their other half.

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Kristen Bell’s Secret to Teaching Her Daughters Gratitude

Recently, at a Winter Wonderland event run by Tiny Prints and Baby2Baby, Kristen Bell offered her time to give back to the community.

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Non-Traditional Baby Making: 6 Potential Obstacles To Bear In Mind

Getting pregnant with the help of medical intervention makes things less romantic, more sterile, and more stressful and expensive. Here are some potential obstacles to keep in mind that will help minimize stress.

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Questions to Ask Yourself before Filing for Divorce

If your marriage is falling apart, ask yourself these tough questions before ending your marriage.

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This Hotel Service Is Genius for Traveling Families

This travel hack is something every traveling family can use.

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Recall Alert: All Models of Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play Sleepers

If you own a Rock ‘N Play, you need to read this ASAP.

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FDA Issues Safety Warning: Asbestos Found in Claire’s Makeup

Before you toss your whole kit and Caboodle—read this.

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15 Lucrative Career Paths for Parents Who Want to Work From Home

So you want to raise your kids at home and bring home the bacon? Here’s what you need to know.

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Dear Parents of Kids with That Dreaded Stomach Bug: I See You. I Salute You

“Every single time it happens you think, surely that’s it, right? This has to be over now!”

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Honey, We Need to Talk about This Rough Patch We’re Going Through

“Let’s face it. We’re going through a rough spot.”

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His Town Banned Snowball Fights, So This 9-Year-Old Took Matters into His Own Hands

This little boy made a big difference for all the kids in his town.

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Does THC from Marijuana Pass through Breast Milk? What Moms Need to Know

THC—the chemical that gets users “high” from marijuana—can be detected in breast milk, a new study has found.

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