How Much Screen Time Should Kids Be Allowed? New Study Urges Stricter Limits

Screen time limits could have this significant impact on kids.

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Study Finds Breastfeeding Is Better Than Pumping, But Only for This Reason

New research suggests how baby gets their milk can make a big difference in their development.

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Study Finds Vitamin That May Prevent Birth Defects & Miscarriages

Scientists in Australia have found that adding this supplement to your diet may help prevent birth defects and miscarriages — but experts warn to wait and see.

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Earlier Bedtimes for Kids is Better for Your Sanity, According to Study

Why early to bed is better for everyone, especially moms.

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After Extensive Research, the Girl Scouts Call for More Investment in Girls

The State of the Union might be in chaos, but the state of girls is also in need of some help, according to the third annual report on US girls issued by the Girl Scouts of America. While there have…

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Awesome Alert! Discover 52 Weeks of Free and Fun Science

Here’s your guide to what’s in store at 52 Weeks of Science!

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