Parenting Wisdom from the Most Unlikely Place

This “aha” parenting tip was literally right in front of me—the tag hanging from my cup of tea.

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4 Ways to Help Your Teen Daughter with Her Struggles & Stress Right Now

“Teen girls get my utmost empathy and compassion. Life is just tough right now. Here’s how you can help her with her mental health.”

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11 Ways to Build Resiliency in Children

“Resilience is the foundation of a child’s mental health, confidence, self-regulation, stress management and response to difficult events—like the pandemic.”

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What Is Month of the Military Child?

“April is designated as Month of the Military Child. It’s a way to honor the sacrifices made by military families worldwide, highlighting the role children play in supporting their parents.”

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These Amazing Moms Are Sharing Just How Tough Moms Are

We’ve always known parents were tough, but the last year has shown everyone just how resilient they truly are! To celebrate the remarkable power of moms, we’ve teamed up with Once Upon a Farm, an organic children’s nutrition company co-founded…

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Spring Forward: How to Survive the Time Change with Your Kids

The time change can be tricky with kids. Not to worry, we’ve got a bunch of easy-to-implement tricks to get everyone on schedule in a jiffy!

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Helping Our Children Cope with Crazy

“Our home renovation has given my husband and me the opportunity to show our children that something good and lovely can come out of chaos.”

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My Spectrum Superhero

“I realized superheroes aren’t just a reality in his world, they are a reality in mine as well. In my world, there lives the strongest, most benevolent superhero of all—his name is Murphy and he’s my son.”

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6 Books About Motherhood that Aren’t All About Motherhood

This list is the output of reading more than 100 books over the past four years. I hope they make you feel seen, celebrated, and perfect just as you are, wherever you are on your path in parenthood. They are highly feminist and written by women I admire. Motherhood is messy and it’s beautiful and I’m so happy I get to share it with you.

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The Importance of Developing Your Child’s Sense of Humor

“A good sense of humor is just one of the tools I want to give my kids for mastery of their life.”

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10 Expert-Approved Ways Your Teen Can Handle Online Bullying

“It’s important to talk about how bullying can affect kids, and what you can do as a parent to empower them to take action and help deal with the issues they themselves or their friends may be going through.”

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How to Embrace the Uncertainty of Possibility during COVID

“Yet, in a positive light, these unprecedented times can teach us about possibility and may prove to be a fabulous opportunity for kids and parents alike to grow.”

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Newest Slumberkin Is Here to Help Raise Empathetic Leaders

The sweet and cuddly creature shares a special message.

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The Kids Will Be Okay

“As parents, it’s our duty to protect our children and teach them to do the right thing so that when they become adults, they will remember all the life lessons that we taught them.”

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Helping Your Kids Be Rooted, Resilient & Ready

Tips to help our kids become rooted (in who they are), resilient (to changes and challenges), and ready (for whatever is coming next).

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Alpaca book

Slumberkins Offers Kids a Free Alpaca Book to Help Manage Stress

The company wants to help kids stay mentally healthy during this time of uncertainty.

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Mother and child washing hands

How to Talk to Children about the Coronavirus

Provide them with facts and reassurance in a calm manner. 

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Daddy Doll Donation

This 13-Year-Old Raised Money to Buy Daddy Dolls for Kids of Deployed Soldiers

Teen knew how it felt when his father was deployed so he wanted to help other military kids. 

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Doesn’t Everyone Have a Mommy?

Photo: Shutterstock
Four-year-old Derek calls out to me, “Joel just said that he doesn’t have a mommy and I told him that everyone has a mommy! Doesn’t everyone have a mommy?” Derek asks.
As a nursery school teacher, I was…

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I Accidentally Killed Our Family Pet

“I ran over our turtle with my car. This is what I learned about life, death, and pets.”

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How to Help Prepare Your Child for Wildfires

Preparation for emergencies makes everyone, adults and children, safer and more confident, and that in turn makes the communities we live in more resilient.

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More Than a Wave-Jumper

Photo: Ruthi Davis Photo
Dear Confessional,
I’ve almost drowned three times. I’m a terrible swimmer. I am an adult woman with four children who swim better than I do—and yet I still pinch my nose under water and doggy paddle.…

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Essential Life Skills Kids Learn from Playing Team Sports

Being part of a team and becoming close with one’s teammates is an experience that makes a huge difference in kids’ lives. Life is really all about attitude, and when kids learn to have a good attitude on a team, it will serve them well in college, the workforce, and beyond.

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Lessons in Surviving the Oilfield Wife Life

These are the lessons I learned that allowed me to grow into a strong and resilient mother while my husband worked in the dangerous oilfields, sometimes without ever seeing him for weeks on end.

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You Are Enough, Mamas

“To all of you work-outside-the-home and work-inside-the-home and trying-to-do-both mamas out there: I see you and see how hard you are working at *everything* and I admire you.”

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Aunt Becky, You Were Supposed to Be the Coach—Not This

“Failing is powerful. Even though it’s hard to watch, you can’t steal those moments from your child’s development as a person.”

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I Encouraged My Daughter to Get A Job. Here’s What Happened

I felt it was time my daughter started learning one of the fundamental pillars of teen independence—financial independence.

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How to Boost Your Child’s Resilience & Independence

Find out how to boost your kids’ resilience and raise an independent thinker.

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Yet Another Reason Why Youth Tackle Football Is Risky for Kids, New Study Finds

A recent study sheds new light on why tackle football is dangerous for young kids.

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How to Talk to Your Child When They’re Disappointed

As a child psychologist and a parent, I have not only helped parents with this struggle, but I’m a player in the game, and it’s not easy.  

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A Letter to My Husband

“Our journey through IVF has been emotional. I hope your heart is fuller now being called a father.”

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I’m Totally Giving up on Having The “Perfect” Holiday—and You Should, Too

The fire in the fireplace glowed with orange and red beauty. The Christmas tree twinkled in a soft yellow light. I slowly sipped my wine as I listened to Bing Crosby sing “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.” My little…

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Letting Go of Order and Perfection in the Journey of Motherhood

There are holes in my walls, rounded fist sized holes, not an easy admission for one who so owns the preference of order and perfection.

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I can recall in those burgeoning first weeks of motherhood,…

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4 Ways to Teach Your Child Resilience

Resilience—the ability to bounce back from less than ideal experiences—may not be the first thing that comes to mind when teaching your child valuable life skills. And yet, it is a critical to leading a successful life. Nobody’s life is…

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