Think Saving for College is Complicated? It Doesn’t Have to Be

Saving money for your kid’s education doesn’t need to be stressful but you do need to make some hard financial decisions to create the future you envision.

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Elizabeth Banks’ New “Flintstones” Pilot Is Gonna Rock!

Fred, Wilma, Pebbles, and the whole gang are back in an updated show for adults.

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Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer

Crackle to Premiere “Elliot the Littlest Reindeer”

We can’t wait to watch all of the holiday specials this year. Crackle Plus, a Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment company and one of the largest operators of streaming advertising-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) networks announced today that the animated feature…

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Acorns Early

Acorns Early Gives Every Child Financial Access Beginning at Birth

Now it is even easier to invest in your child’s future. 

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A Retirement Party for My Least Favorite Work Partner

I’m planning your retirement party next week, even though you’ve mostly just been a pain in the butt for that last year. You regularly made me late to meetings or required me to duck out early. You interrupted my work…

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Are You Paying Your Nanny Legally? Find Out Why You Should Be

Care.com makes it easy to navigate your employer responsibilities.

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A New Federal Act Will Allow Parents to Cash Out $5,000 from a 401(k)

This new legislation allows parents to withdraw up to $10,000 from their retirement funds for child-related expenses.

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6 Must-Know Savings Tips for Parents

As a parent, it’s crucial to find time to think about your financial future and what can be done to make sure that your child will have their own financial security.

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The Joy in Irresponsibility

“Where do I get off thinking that I can get away with something so fun?”

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Lin Manuel Miranda Is Coming Back to “Hamilton” & Here’s How to See It

Ham fam, here’s your chance to get in “the room where it happens.”

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Here’s How Much Parents Are Spending on the Holidays This Year

How much is too much when it comes to giving for the holiday season?

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10 Meaningful Ways to Teach Children about Charity

It’s important for children to see their family donate their time and resources.

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toys r us in memoriam

In Memoriam 2018: Remembering Toys”R”Us

We said goodbye to one of the best this year.

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Home Is Where Your Tree Is

I grew up in the evergreen-covered foothills of Northern California where getting a Christmas tree each year usually involved cutting a tree right from our own property. We took a jagged old handsaw and never wore gloves, returning home covered…

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Wait, Parents Are Willing to Spend HOW MUCH on Family Vacations?

How much are you willing to spend on your dream vacation?

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Geoffrey the Giraffe Could Come Out of Retirement as Toys”R”Us Stages a Comeback

Sorry Geoffrey, we hope you didn’t get too comfortable in retirement.

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Jenna Bush Hager Made an Emergency Fashion Homage to Target & We Love It

This hair-saving hack is a must-try—and celeb mom endorsed!

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Got Accounting Skills? Come Join Our Team!

Red Tricycle is looking for a few good folks with accounting or bookkeeping skills who
would like the flexibility to work from home. Our company is virtual, so this position can
be done from anywhere in the United States.

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Oldschool Toys from Your ’90s Childhood

We’ve got the definitive list that confirms playtime was way better back in your day.

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This Amazing “Family Newsletter” Wins the Internet for Most Savage Holiday Card Ever

Check out this brutally honest Christmas card and you’ll see why the internet is kind of freaking out about it.

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This Is How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Turning 40

Eyesight really is the first to go. Or is that memory? I can’t remember.
But my eyesight is going. I went 40 years with perfect vision then poof! I’m blind. I have to pull things so far away from my…

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When Your Spouse Is Older, This Is What It’s Like to Raise Kids

30 is suddenly the new 20 and 40 has become the new 30: Many people aren’t considering marriage until age 26 and many aren’t even having kids until after age 30. This means a lot of children with older parents. …

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Here’s How I Save My Kid’s Artwork Without Being a Hoarder

Part of surviving fall in our house is intertwined with surviving school with my three girls and all the stuff they bring home. ​It came to a head this weekend with a bit of a bad-Mommy moment. Unfortunately, it wasn’t…

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As a Financial Planner, I’ve Learned These Tricks to Raising Financially-Savvy Kids

Smart tips from a financial advisor for helping kiddos turn into financially responsible adults.

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Nielsen Is Hiring 100 Work-from-Home Employees

Flexible jobs are gaining steam and here’s where you can find one.

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This Company Pay Its Employees $5,000 to Go on Vacation

This web development company is clearly top notch when it comes to caring for its employees’ well-being.

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