10 Ways Your Family Can Help the Ocean Right Now!

These simple acts can help prevent more damage to our fragile oceans—most of which won’t cost you a dime.

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How to Create Simple Play Centers That Will Keep Kids Happily Engaged

“The best part of play centers? Once they are set up, kids can play independently without any effort or even involvement on our parts!”

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tokidoki x JuJuBe

This New JuJuBe Collab Is Pure Whimsy

These new bags from JuJuBe feature two new bags for adults who don’t need diaper changing pads or insulated bottle pockets.

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Disney Parks Goes Green with New Reusable Shopping Bags & We Need Them All

We’re not sure what’s more exciting: the bags or what’s in them.

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4 Hacks to Get Your City Shopping Done with Littles in Tow

When you live in a big city or urban area, you do so much walking. If you are like me, you try to avoid a trip to the parking garage while lugging your sweet, definitely cooperating, offspring to the car.…

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The 5 Places I Declutter Before Summer Starts

Photo: Pixabay
We’re in the final countdown until the end of the school year in my house. I’m relishing in my final few weeks of having an empty house before summer has descended upon us and my kids have physically…

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10 Essential Mom Hacks for Living with Toddlers

Photo: pixaby.com
Living with a toddler is a lot of fun, except when it isn’t. It’s OK. You can agree for just a minute and not feel guilty. We’re all parents and caregivers here. The day-to-day is beautiful but chaotic,…

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Most Eco-Friendly Spots to Shop Green With Kids

Spend your hard earned green stuff in green ways! In time for Earth Day, here are our very favorite places to do some eco-friendly toy and goods shopping.

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What’s In the Bag: 9 Things Portland Moms Carry at All Times

Here’s a list of must have parent tools to carry around with you everywhere.

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Pay it Forward: Random Acts of Kindness Week

Want to get the kiddos away from thinking it’s all about “me?” Participate in Random Acts of Kindness, in San Diego style!

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Farm to Fork: Farmers Markets to Visit Now

Farm to fork…is there any other way to get your food? Here in Portland, our city kids would never even dream of wondering if peas come from the freezer or tomatoes from a can. And since farmers markets have cropped…

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Surviving Stormpocalypse: 10 Things to Do Without Power

Whether you’re reading this with 10% battery life left on your phone or just want to show your kids how creative you can get without power, here are 10 fun activities that don’t require you to plug-in.

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Veggin’ Out at the Farmers Market

Your little sprout may know that a French fry is a potato and that ketchup is really tomatoes, but given the abundance of amazing farmers markets that are about to open on the Portland scene for the summer season, perhaps…

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