How to Help Your Kids Make Good Decisions (According to Experts)

Let your kid be the boss for one hour a day. No, seriously.

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5 Ways to Make Your Child’s Transition to Having a Sibling Easier

Expecting number two (or three or four…)? It could be a good time to prepare your child to welcome a new member of your family! The transition to the role of big brother or sister can be tough for little…

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Advice for Harry & Meghan & All Families Introducing a New Sibling

“Follow these tips and tricks to help to ease the growing pains families feel when introducing new siblings.”

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What Your Dad Does for You & Me

“I had this notion before you were born that my role was to take care of you and Daddy’s role was to take care of me. As it turned out, Daddy took care of us both, and he hasn’t stopped.”

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mother and daughter

Our Little Advocate

“She is not an autism expert, none of us are. But she has learned to be a thoughtful, kind human who knows differences are good, beautiful and something to be proud of.”

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mom kids front porch veena crownholm

How to Help Your Kids Process the Attacks on the AAPI Community

“Life is hard as it is…the color of our skin shouldn’t be one of the aspects making it harder. After all, we are a country of immigrants.”

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Being a Mom Is the Same As Working 2.5 Full-Time Jobs, Says this Study

Finally, research proves what moms have known all along.

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Here’s Why American Adults Think Their Moms Are So Cool

This survey explains why some moms are super-cool.

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The Force Is Back with the New Obi-Wan Kenobi Series On Disney+

Another “Star Wars” series is in the works.

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The #1 Kids Podcast, “Wow in the World,” Is about to Get Even Bigger

Mindy & Guy Raz are planning to reach even more kids.

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The “Rugrats” Are Back with an All-Star Cast of Famous Voices

The ’90s fave is back on the small screen with a cast of iconic voices.

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Actor Edris Elba Takes on New Role—As a Children’s Book Author

They were developed with the help of his daughter.

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kids cooking kitchen

Cooking with Kids: An Age-by-Age Guide

“If you are worried about safety, the mess, or a shortage of time, take a moment to consider the options: banning children from the kitchen will keep them in unskilled ignorance until young adulthood or beyond.”

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Nerf Sells a Dart Vacuum & Parents Can Finally Rejoice

Pick up those foam darts with Nerf’s vacuum rover.

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Worried about Your Kids Social Skills? These 7 Tips Will Help

“Especially poignant during a year with limited social interactions, these tips will help your child develop their social skills.”

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Why February Babies Tend to Be Happier (According to Studies)

We aren’t surprised that many people with this birth month tend to be happier (according to studies).

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L'Eggo With Eggo - Shawn Johnson East & Andrew East

L’Eggo the Chaos of Mornings & Get Free Waffles

Share your own messy mornings stories.

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Why Don’t Men Talk about Infertility?

“Men are very much part of the equation when it comes to a couple’s infertility…so why aren’t we treated as such?”

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Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama & Amanda Pacheco Expecting First Child

Both posted stunning photo announcements on Instagram.

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Review: Ryan’s World Shadow Warrior Ninja Mystery Box

Test your martial arts skills with this sweet new toy.

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Maternity Leave Shouldn’t Set Women Back

“There’s an unspoken bias surrounding maternity leave. We hope to help well-meaning companies do better.”

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Hello, Little Dreamer

Kathie Lee Gifford’s New Book “Hello, Little Dreamer” Is Available Now

This new book encourages little ones to become their dream.

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5 Reasons Dads Are So Important to Their Daughters

“Daughters need great fathers. In fact, it would be nearly impossible to overstate the importance of the father-daughter relationship.”

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Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French

Ashley Tisdale & Christopher French Expecting First Child

They announced the good news on Instagram.

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Barbie Campaign Team

Barbie Launches Campaign Team with Candidate, Campaign Manager, Fundraiser & Voter Dolls

This new set show girls the importance of a political team working together to win.

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