4 Ways to Help Your Teen Daughter with Her Struggles & Stress Right Now

“Teen girls get my utmost empathy and compassion. Life is just tough right now. Here’s how you can help her with her mental health.”

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Get Real about Parenting With This Hilarious New Card Game

Little Spoon’s new game lets you laugh about parenting.

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This Service Takes the Guesswork Out of Playing to Learn

We all want to give our child the best start possible and that’s why we are beyond excited about The Play Kits by Lovevery toys delivered every few months to help babies develop their skills in a stage-appropriate way

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How to Embrace the Uncertainty of Possibility during COVID

“Yet, in a positive light, these unprecedented times can teach us about possibility and may prove to be a fabulous opportunity for kids and parents alike to grow.”

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Lucky Names Such as Iris & Felix are Trending

These names are bringing parents-to-be hope, luck and good fortune.

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TOMS x Once Upon A Farm

TOMS & Once Upon A Farm Team Up for an Apple-Themed Shoe Collection

TOMS x Once Upon a Farm collaboration is available in stores now.

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How to Cultivate Positivity to Combat COVID Stress

“These affirmations will boost your positivity, temper your anxiety, and help to combat the stress we are all feeling.”

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Helping Your Kids Be Rooted, Resilient & Ready

Tips to help our kids become rooted (in who they are), resilient (to changes and challenges), and ready (for whatever is coming next).

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We Must Help Girls Build Their Self-Esteem Now More Than Ever

Photo: Yousef Espanioly via Unsplash
Sometimes my father sends me newspaper articles that align with my work as the coach of preteen girls. One morning his message seemed more urgent than usual. It began, “I listened to a radio show…

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It’s Not Christmas without a Tree…or Fondue

“The decorating of our tree was a special event, an occasion my sister and I looked forward to every year. A small, but simultaneously monumental affair, it involved our considerable stash of ornaments, and fondue for six—served, in the living room, tree side with logs blazing in the fireplace. This was the 70s after all.”

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Moana Is Getting Her Own Disney World Attraction & You’re Welcome

It’s about time this princess got her own attraction.

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Debunking 4 Myths about Baby’s First Food

Turns out, the new American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation states that there is no scientific evidence to prove that foods need to be introduced in any particular order. The good news? You can now focus on variety and flavor from the start and help craft an adventurous eater in the process.

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Work/Life Balance Is a Myth. This Is What We Should Be Talking About Instead

There is a misconception in the corporate world that “balance” exists, and our lives would be better if we could just achieve it. I’m here to tell you that concept is a myth.

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I’ll Always Want a Real Christmas Tree—Here’s Why


It all started when I was 10-years old. My parents gathered my brother, sister and I into the family van and we drove to the only farm in our Southern California town: a Christmas tree farm.
It was love…

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Is Interfering in Your Kids’ Best Interest? It Depends

At the end of the day, I’ll do anything it takes to keep my kids safe.

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No, Motherhood Does Not Make Women Less Ambitious

This article originally appeared on Werk. 
A few years ago, Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes infamously appeared on Fox News with an outrageous, yet-all-too-common claim: women are paid less and occupy fewer leadership positions because they would rather be at home with their…

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Best TV Shows to Watch with Your Family

The internet and television channels are competing with each other to provide a treasure trove of entertainment. There are shows and movies for all tastes and all ages. And even then, finding a show that caters to all tastes and…

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In Order To Become A Better Dad, I Had To Stop Comparing My Child

He’s screaming again. It has been three hours of misery tonight watching him fuss and squirm and whine and scream. We’ve run the usual gamut of reactionary reconnaissance: Googling, entertaining, feeding, distracting, more Googling, message boarding, prodding. And he’s still…

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Why Your Children Need You to be in a Healthy Relationship

Photo: Pixabay
One of the biggest mistakes that some parents can make, in my opinion, is neglecting their relationship. When children come into the mix, so many of us put our relationship on the backburner, thinking it’s in the best…

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Inside Camp Wildfolk with the Totally Awesome Awards 2016

Camp Wildfolk just won a Totally Awesome Award for Coolest Summer Camp for Kids in Los Angeles. We recently spoke to them about their experience as a business owner, the best advice they’ve ever received and more. Hear what they…

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Gifts That Give Back: Feel-Good Gifts from 5 Local Sources

Read on to find local companies that not only offer unique gifts, but they also give all or a portion of their proceeds to a worthy cause. Giving never felt

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Family-Friendly Korean BBQ in SF

Hot Off the Grill at Hanuri 

As Bay Area gourmands, your family has eaten it all—the Mission Burrito, Chinatown Dim Sum, and North Beach Pizza.  Try something new this weekend and head to Hanuri in the Inner Richmond for some…

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