Platform 9 3/4

Give Your Room a Virtual Makeover with These Fun Zoom Backgrounds

Check out some of the best backgrounds we have rounded up so far.

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Take Your Baby Memory Book to the Next Level

Here are 9 visually stunning ways to chronicle your pregnancy and baby’s first magical moments.

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Children’s Place Recalls Snowsuits Due to Choking Hazard

Before bundling up your little one for the winter weather, check this Children’s Place snowsuit recall notice.

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Kids Say The Darndest Things

Photo: pexels
Hearing your child’s first word is life changing.  Your heart explodes with love and pride when those simple syllables escape her tiny rosebud shaped mouth.  Fast forward a few years later… the words and sentences that spew forth…

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Night and Day: Where to Score Breakfast for Dinner in Atlanta

Here are five spots where you and the fam can share a morning meal, even at the end of the day.

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Awesome Fitness Tips (and a Sweet Playlist) from a Rockstar SoulCycle Instructor

We chatted with NYC-based SoulCycle instructor and fellow mom Erika Shannon to find out about her fitness routine, tips and tricks on staying fit, and more.

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Inside the Totally Awesome Rosebud Doula with Amy Bookwalter

Featuring childbirth classes that are fun, fast, and eye-opening, Rosebud Doula & Pregnancy Lifestyle Consulting is DC’s premier doula resource—and your Totally Awesome pick for best doula in the DC area! Offering pregnancy, lifestyle, and parenting consultations, Rosebud aims to…

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