20 Must-Read Children’s Books by Chicago Authors

Add local talent to your bookshelves with these Chicago-based authors. . . you might even be surprised by one very well-known name.

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60+ Easy Science Experiments to Do at Home

With household ingredients and some creativity, your day can go from meh to amazing, thanks to science.

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16 Easy Science Fair Projects for Kids

Whether this is your kiddo’s first time showing off her Bill Nye side or if he’s a seasoned pro, they’ll need a fresh crop of ideas for this year’s fair.

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This Surprising Idea Saved Our Weekends

“This unexpected idea not only changed our weekends for the better, but we realized it also gave our kids a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.”

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Check Out These Disneyland Inspired Watchlists from Disney+

Experience the magic of Disney right from your couch.

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7 Ways to Lower the Morning Stress Level in Your Home

Mornings are stressful for everyone. Make yours a little easier by getting organized with these seven game-changing tips.

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10 Times She Shouldn’t Say Sorry

Parents: Read this list from the Girl Scouts with your daughter, and remind her that although it’s important to make amends when she’s truly done something wrong, apologizing when she hasn’t can undermine how others see her and damage her self-worth.

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The Country’s 30 Best Science Museums for Kids

From natural wonders to space travel to dinosaur bones, these museums give kids some of the best hands-on exposure to the sciences you can find.

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“Science Fair” Is the Documentary Every Kid Should See with Their Parents

This is the feel-good movie perfect for your own junior scientist or engineer.

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10 Ways You Know You’re a Helicopter Parent

It’s hard to let go, but if you can relate to these signs of helicopter parenting, it might be time.

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11 Must-See Spring Shows for Kids

Even the most royal of drama kings and queens will forget their troubles this season at DMV area shows, hosted by dedicated children’s theaters and all ages venues.

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The Holderness Family Is Back With Hilarious Ed Sheeran Parody

This latest Holderness Family mash-up is spot on!

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The Ultimate Guide to NYC’s Fall Festivals

Summer, who? These autumn celebrations make the change of season spectacular!

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3 Ways Kids Can Rebuild Their Communities

Today is National Rebuilding Day so we have found three kid-friendly building projects that give back to the community. Just grab your hammer (or glue).

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Save-the-Date: 23 Festivals to Celebrate This Spring

Honestly. there are too many to attend all of them — but you can sure try!

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Why I Decided My Daughter Will Not Choose Her Own Friends


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I will never forget the day my daughter told me that Bethany, a girl in her 4th grade class, was annoying her.
“What is she doing to you?” I questioned, instinctively protective.

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Hey Elf, Don’t Be Creepy!

Photo: Jen Gregory

Last year around this time, my older son asked me if we could “do” the Elf on the Shelf. I responded the way any smart, rational, overtired mother would. I backed out of the room slowly and…

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12 Museum & Zoo Programs You Need to Know

From the new Preschool Play Lab at the Pacific Science Center to the Museum of Flight’s new (and totally free!) Connections program, we’ve got the 411 on the newest and coolest programs at the Big Four.

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10 Signs You’re a Falls Church Parent

Here’s why this “Little City” with big personality is drawing grown-ups from all over.

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Curious Kids Will Love These 6 New STEAM Books

These brand-new literary works explore the world of Science, Tech, Engineering, Art and Math in a kid-friendly manner.

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6 Can’t-Miss October Concerts

Move over Raffi, there’s a new wave of kiddie music that’s taking little rockers by storm. Luckily for those of us living in NYC, we’ve got access to some of the hippest, most toe-tapping kindie rockers around. This month, we’ve…

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Top 85 Apps for Parents and Kids We Love

43. Fluff Friends Rescue
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
Any person who likes animals will love this app. Create your own animal care facility and care of digital cuties, find lost pets, bring them to the vet,…

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August Hot List: Seattle Sales & Deals

The summer is almost over (it just started!) and we’re gearing up for Back-to-School – can you believe it? Good thing there’s a slew of Seattle family sales and deals, as well as tons of after-school activities perfect for the…

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July Hot List: BOGO Sale, New Store Opening, Camps & Drop and Play Deals

Hanna Andersson Opens in Bellevue Square July 14th!

A little bit of Sweden comes to Bellevue Square. Follow us to our new location where the soft styles let kids be kids. Click here for special savings! Hanna Andersson http://www.hannaandersson.com […]…

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