Are You Ready for a Third Baby?

Chaos, cuddles, endless snacks. Find out about life with a trio.

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Walmart thredUP

Walmart Announces Partnership with thredUP

Walmart is entering the popular fashion resale market for the first time.

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Say Hello to Transformational Parenting

The best part of practicing transformation parenting? You’ll probably find yourself feeling happier and more relaxed because you won’t be on edge (as much) about test scores, future athletic prospects, or college applications.

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How Laundry Balls Changed Our Cleaning Routine & More Household Chore Hacks

We’re generally pretty good about keeping things tidy, but it’s the actually cleaning part of cleaning that does me in.

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Where to Get “The Wonky Donkey” as Viral Kids Book Flies Off Store Shelves

This hilarious video of a grandma reading the book will send you running for the bookstore.

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How to Afford the Holidays When Money Is Super Tight

Living paycheck to paycheck and carrying debt can feel like a heavy weight on your chest. When major events come up like birthdays and Christmas, it can feel like that weight gets heavier, to the point of breaking you.

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Study Shows Food Allergies in Kids are Linked to Secondhand Smoke

photo: Jose Rocco via Flickr
In case you needed yet another reason to avoid smoking, researchers have found a connection between parents who smoke and childhood food allergies.
Secondhand smoke has already been proven to cause asthma in kids whose…

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Your Cheat Sheet for Saving Big On Secondhand Baby Gear

You can save big on baby gear, clothes and toys by buying used. Here’s how to score the best deals and ensure you’re getting safe stuff.

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8 Nifty Thrift Stores to Score Sweet Kids Duds

With the holidays – ranging from Thanksgiving to Christmas – looming ominously in the not too far off distance, the race is on to make sure your kids look at least presentable for the inevitable celebrations to come.  Though looking…

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Explore: Solano Ave, Part Two

Solano Ave, Part Two
The perfect antidote to the mall–the Albany end of Solano Avenue, bordered on the west by San Pablo Avenue, is known as the Kids’ Block and is packed with child-friendly (not to mention wallet-friendly) stores.…

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Explore: El Cerrito with Kids

This year may have seen the closing of the beloved El Cerrito Speakeasy Theater, but there are still plenty of reasons to visit this East Bay city. The Hillside Nature Area is 80 acres of eucalyptus groves and oak trees…

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