On My 40th Birthday, Here’s Why I’m Happy to Not Be Turning 20

It’s the eve of my 40th birthday. A good chunk of my friends have already reached this milestone. For some it’s been a huge blow out party, for others, a quiet dinner with family.  Some have, at least on the…

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We Must Help Girls Build Their Self-Esteem Now More Than Ever

Photo: Yousef Espanioly via Unsplash
Sometimes my father sends me newspaper articles that align with my work as the coach of preteen girls. One morning his message seemed more urgent than usual. It began, “I listened to a radio show…

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Parenting Survival Trick: Laugh While Parenting Teens

“I was so fearful of having teenagers, thinking I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with creatures of that age. They seemed so dark, confused, self-absorbed, weird. Would they want anything to do with me?”

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Faith Time: Lab/Shul Offers Alternative Kid-Friendly Yom Kippur Worship

An inclusive service filled with music and performance now offers special programming and activities just for families!

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