6 Ways to Teach Your Daughter Independence

Your involvement in your daughter’s life will always be beneficial. But if you do too much, or even everything for your daughter, you’re not only robbing her of opportunities to learn life skills but also sending a message that you don’t trust in her abilities.

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3 Essential Entrepreneurial Skills Every Kid Should Know

Want to encourage your kid to be a risk-taker and create their own path? These 3 life-skills will help set them up for success!

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You Can’t Take Your Kids’ Tests for Them, So Empower Them Instead

“Parent’s can’t take tests for their kids, but they can teach them effective habits to help them succeed.”

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How to Tell if Your Kid Is Ready for Sleepaway Camp

Find out if your kids are ready to fly the coop and head to overnight summer camp.

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Does Parenting Like the Germans Do Really Work?

Parenting isn’t the same everywhere and that’s exactly what author Sara Zaske is showcasing in her latest book.

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Just Let Them Play: 6 Things I Learned about Boys, Dolls and Nurturing

When my preschool son told me that “boys don’t cry” three years ago, my heart sank. I remember thinking to myself, “We live in a progressive town, we talk endlessly about feelings at home, and I’m a therapist for goodness…

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The 3 Best Summer Camps You’ve Never Heard Of

Photo credit: Thierry Draus
The summer bell is about to ring, and moms everywhere are scrambling. Chances are there’s at least one week or two you don’t have a plan and somehow when May rolls around we, parents, forget what…

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7 Scientifically Proven Tips To Get Kids to Grow Up Happier

photo: Donnie Ray Jones via flickr
All parents want their kids to be happy. The question is, how? Shiny toys and sweet treats might gain some smiles, but according to experts, if you want your kids to grow up into…

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Don’t Go, Mom

Photo: RealMomsWingingIt.com
Like many moms, we are almost always on the go.
Last year I faced big challenges and stress and have been recovering after making some life-changing compromises.

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I often encourage my kids to go do…

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Why Your Kids Should be Bored This Summer (According to Psychologists)

Photo: Martin Thomas via Flickr
Parents, stop whatever fun activities you thought you needed to do with your kiddos this summer. Psychologists are giving you a break, and recommend that your little ones get bored this season.
Psychologists and child…

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