5 Thoughtful Ways to Empower Your Kids to Achieve Success

Photo: pan xiaozhen via Unsplash
We all want our kids to be successful—to be a leap ahead. Not ahead of every other kid, necessarily, but to their full potential.
So, how do we do it? And how do we achieve…

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10 Things I Wish 17-Year-Old Me Knew

“Life is beautiful and tragic but here are 10 things I wish I knew before I got older and encountered more and more bad life stuff.”

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New Study Shows Surprising Positive Effects of Quarantine

Could there be a silver(ish) lining to sheltering in place?

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When a Mom Takes a Phone Call

“What is it about making or taking a phone call that instantaneously turns our kids into incapable, whiney, and loud little souls?”

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Why Storytime Matters for Everyone, No Matter Their Age

Discover why reading out-loud, whether it’s to a newborn or an adult, continues to benefit humans both personally and emotionally.

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Say Hello to Transformational Parenting

The best part of practicing transformation parenting? You’ll probably find yourself feeling happier and more relaxed because you won’t be on edge (as much) about test scores, future athletic prospects, or college applications.

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My Teen Swore at Me and This Is What I Did Next

At the moment, I was winging it, trying to remember what it was like to be a teenager and how my own parents handled various situations. Yelling back seems counterintuitive and I told myself when I became a parent, I would try my hardest to find another way to communicate with my kids, good or bad.

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Kids Learn Financial Skills from Moms More Than Dads, According to Study

Financial responsibility is a lesson all kids need, but are they getting it?

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funniest tweets of the week

Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week: July 13, 2018

We’re not going to lie, Twitter can be like parenting––some weeks are better than others.

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9 Empowering Ways to Teach Your Kids How to Speak for Themselves

Will you be ready to step back and allow your child to speak? More importantly, will your child be ready?

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Expect Pee Everywhere (and Other Potty Training Truths)

Photo: Marisa Svalstedt
By now everyone has gotten word that potty training is the pits. It isn’t a simple explanation from parent to child while sitting comfortably in Betty Draper’s powder room. In most cases, it involves actual work, and…

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Trust, Relationships and Staying Home With the Kids After Breast Cancer

Photo: Judet Diaz
I didn’t always want to be a stay-at-home mom. I focused on my education and career throughout my 20s, and when I got married and had a baby, leaving my job to stay home just didn’t seem…

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Join Red Tricycle as Our New Digital Content Writer

Digital Content Writer
Red Tricycle is looking for a talented writer to join our team and contribute timely, fresh, and fun stories for our online communities. Our audience wants to laugh, be engaged, and stay informed about everything trending in…

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My Daughter Gives Me An Excuse To Be Introverted

Photo: Jennifer Picard
As a writer, I’ve always had very introverted tendencies and felt compelled to go beyond what I was comfortable with in order to fit in. When I first moved to Kauai a few years ago, I lived…

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Join Our Team: We’re Hiring a Marketing Assistant

Hi. Are you looking for a really fun job? One that will change the world, make you feel good about what you’re contributing to the community, a gig that you can’t stop talking about among your friends and family (to…

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Interviewing For SEO & Marketing Work-Experience Program

Red Tricycle is currently interviewing for our next Online Marketing  Superstars! Our program will have you in the start-up trenches covering and learning all aspects of web media marketing. You will leave with the kind of experience that not only…

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