5 Ways to Talk about Pride Month with Kids

“There is so much we can do to teach our kids about Pride Month and how we can support the LGBTQ community. If you don’t know where to start, we have some tips.”

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5 Trivia Questions for Pride Month

Test your knowledge about current news events like Pride Month and more!

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Boy or Girl? 18 Ways to Predict the Sex of Your Baby

Wondering if you’re having a boy or a girl? Try these baby prediction tests to find out.

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Be an LGBTQ+ Ally: 10 Phrases to Stop Using Today

Stop saying these phrases and help break the chain of hurtful speech.

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family reuniting

Breaking the Evil Stepmother Stereotype

“Being a stepparent can be as simple or as difficult as all the parties involved choose to make it.”

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RITZ’s Sweet New Video Spot Celebrates Foster Families

The company’s new Foster Welcome campaign shines a light on diverse families

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Ronda Rousey & Travis Browne Announce Pregnancy

The former WWE star and her MMA husband are expecting their first child this fall.

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Teaching Your Child About Climate Change

As we struggle to improve our own climate literacy, the inundation of messaging on the topic has made it more important than ever to start the conversation about climate change and global warming with our children.

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Social Media: It’s like Riding a Bike

“Most are surprised when I allow my children, at age 10 and 11 to use social media instead of waiting for the more accepted age of 13. Before getting all judgy, hear me out.”

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It’s a Boy for Shawn Johnson East & Andrew East

The Easts revealed their baby news with a paint-covered party.

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Thinking About Adopting? Start Here

“It is essential to prepare yourself for what’s to come—doing the research and getting prepared is well worth the effort once you have a baby in your arms.”

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Why Don’t Men Talk about Infertility?

“Men are very much part of the equation when it comes to a couple’s infertility…so why aren’t we treated as such?”

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The Other Parent: Second Parent Adoption

“Learning that my parental status is completely optional to our legal system is a bag of emotions that I’ll be lugging around for the rest of my life.”

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It’s a…! Meghan Trainor Reveals Sex of First Baby with Daryl Sabara

She saved the news for her appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

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My Little Golden Book About Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This New RBG Book Will Inspire a New Generation of Readers

Introduce your little one to this feminist icon.

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What Should Children Be Allowed to Read?

Photo: Annie Spratt via Unsplash
When I was a child, there was no way my parents could censor my reading. I simply read too fast and too much for them to keep up.
Once, though, I got hold of a…

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Shedd Aquarium Welcomes Four New Magellanic Chicks

The hatchlings will get named before making a public debut in the exhibit.

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20 Kids Books with Positive LGBTQ+ Characters

Our friends at Common Sense Media put together this list of fantastic books to celebrate and educate for Pride Month and all year round.

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Let’s Talk About Text: How to Prepare Preteen Girls for the Pressure to Sext

Photo: pexels
“What exactly is sexting?” one mom asked me the other day, with a hint of embarrassment. I assured her not to worry as the digital lexicon changes as fast as her preteen’s moods and energy levels. I explained…

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6 Tips to Strengthen Your Relationship before Baby Arrives

“By building a realtionship strategy before the baby arrives, you’ll be in a much better spot to navigate life after the baby—and everyone benefits from that.”

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Study Says Ratio of Boys vs. Girls Merely Based on Chance Not Genetics

Having multiple children of the same sex does not run in families.

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Doesn’t Everyone Have a Mommy?

Photo: Shutterstock
Four-year-old Derek calls out to me, “Joel just said that he doesn’t have a mommy and I told him that everyone has a mommy! Doesn’t everyone have a mommy?” Derek asks.
As a nursery school teacher, I was…

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What Motherhood Means for Your Vagina

“Turns out 1 in 10 women felt they had no one to talk to about vaginal health throughout their pregnancy journey. Let’s change that statistic by learning about one of our most important body parts.”

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7 Things I’m Insisting on Teaching My Girls

“Raising girls is hard and the hardest thing I’ve ever done, by far. But I’m doing my best to instill these strong values in my girls so they will feel empowered for the rest of their lives and know their strength and happiness comes from within them.”

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These Conversation Cards Can Help Positively Shape Your Teen’s Views on Sex

These conversation cards are a crucial step to re-shaping the next generation into empowered, self-assured individuals who are equipped with factual information to make healthy decisions.

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Shawn Johnson East & Andrew East Welcome Their First Child

The gymnast and her hubby welcomed their first child and shared the news on Instagram today!

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10 Books That Help Kids Understand & Get Through Puberty

Thanks to Common Sense Media’s top ten book picks, talking about puberty just got a whole lot easier (and a whole lot less embarrassing) for everyone.

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Here’s What Parents Really Think about Playdates

Newly released research sheds light on how parents prep for playdates.

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Laura Prepon Announces She’s Expecting Again!

The actress and her hubby announce they’re expecting their second child with a sweet Instagram post.

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58 Things Moms Secretly Google

From the hilarious to the “we’ve all been there,” we checked the browser history of moms like you and found this top list of common topics.

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Non-Traditional Baby Making: 6 Potential Obstacles To Bear In Mind

Getting pregnant with the help of medical intervention makes things less romantic, more sterile, and more stressful and expensive. Here are some potential obstacles to keep in mind that will help minimize stress.

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5 Crucial Lessons Only Moms Can Learn (Once They Become Moms)

Photo: Kate Haus Photography
We’re all learning here…and I every intention to turn my challenges into lessons and allow them to support others (usually when we feel the least supported). I’m still new at this whole mom thing. So far, I’ve learned…

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Top 3 Cringe-Worthy “Talks” with Your Kids

Photo: Ruthi Davis Photography
The bathroom was a bloodbath. It seriously looked like someone was murdered in there, nasty. My poor daughter walked into—not once, but twice—the horrid crime scene of an undisposed pad/sanitary napkin/towel on the floor of a…

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