Seattle’s Best Podcasts for Parents (& One for Kids)

If extra time with the kids has you questioning your parenting strategies, these Seattle podcasters can help with expert tips, funny tales and wisdom from the trenches.

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7 Things I’m Insisting on Teaching My Girls

“Raising girls is hard and the hardest thing I’ve ever done, by far. But I’m doing my best to instill these strong values in my girls so they will feel empowered for the rest of their lives and know their strength and happiness comes from within them.”

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These Conversation Cards Can Help Positively Shape Your Teen’s Views on Sex

These conversation cards are a crucial step to re-shaping the next generation into empowered, self-assured individuals who are equipped with factual information to make healthy decisions.

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10 Books That Help Kids Understand & Get Through Puberty

Thanks to Common Sense Media’s top ten book picks, talking about puberty just got a whole lot easier (and a whole lot less embarrassing) for everyone.

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5 Health Topics You Should Always Discuss with Your Kids

These five topics are essential to discuss to help you connect with your children, build trust, and teach your children how to keep themselves healthy day-to-day.

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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

The talk. You know the one. Have you had it yet? Scared? So was Amy Lang when her young son approached her about the facts of life, even though she’s trained as a sexual health educator, adult educator, and personal…

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