7 Tips for Talking to Kids about LGBTQ

“Even at an early age you can teach the value of empathy and respect for others, as well as open the door for any future conversations regarding their own identity.”

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What It Takes to Raise Socially Aware Children

“I’ve found that boosting my girls’ social awareness, compassion, and empathy boils down to embracing these practices.”

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“This Is Us” Is What America Needs

Photo: Ron Batzdorff/NBC
Maybe it’s because I’m pushing the half-century mark that every nuance of humanity explored in the first season of ““This Is Us”” resonates with me. Regardless of the why, every scenario filters through my veins in one…

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J. Crew Released a Feminist T-Shirt for Boys & People Had LOTS of Thoughts

The phrase “I am a feminist too” printed on a child’s t-shirt has elicited quite the reaction online.

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Show Your Kids You Love Everybody

We all want our kids to be unbiased, fair, human beings who treat everyone equally, right?! Well there are some small steps we can take to ensure that we instill equalitarian attitudes and behaviors in our children. Although we live in…

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Free Family Services for the High Holidays

Jews are known to have a joke for any occasion. And many of those jokes deal with the fact that, when it comes to the so-called High Holidays, Rosh HaShana (September 16, 2012) and Yom Kippur (September 25, 2012), tickets…

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